Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why Do Women Feel So Comfortable Sharing Men?

I am really curious about something. I get a lot of emails, are you all know, and it amazes me every time I read it, or see it in real life, that it seems like the majority of women today are accepting and willing to share a man. When did men become more important than women? What gives them the right to screw around? Do you think that is nasty? Disrespectful? Or just normal?

Is it because of the man shortage? Is it because men have done it for so long that "it is what it is?" Am I the only one who thinks that something is wrong with this picture?



Creative1k said...

Not to long ago, I posted something similar. I really don't get why women share men. Personally, I think it's rather distasteful and unhealthy, with all these STDs running rapid, that's enough to make an individual stay single. As women, we must understand that men will only treat us how we let them and if a female feels like she has to share in order to just have a man then something is entirely wrong. I know that most women say that there are small pickings with picking a man of potential in current times. Yet we must that if he's taken then he automatically is disqualified from any activities. Women should also understand that karma and reaping what you sow is nothing to mess around with.

-:|:-.T.Roqka.-:|:- said...

Nowadays... A woman doesn't want a man that's LIKE her best friend's man.. She wants... her best friend's man.

She will do whatever she can to get that man and then when the friend finds out, say it's his fault and she actually did her best friend a favor. How they see a favor in that? I have no clue but then we get to competition.

The "wifey" refuses to lose her man to her best friend so she chooses to remain with her "hubby" even though he's still seeing "the other woman". She believes it's just a phase and he'll get over it... He'll realize she's been there this whole time -- through thick and thin -- and in the end get her man back to herself and all the rewards with him knowing she's been there through all of it.

Then we have the other woman saying, "As long as he's going to keep coming back to me, I'm going to let him in..." Meanwhile, the man is feeling like a king...

We also have the same scenario play out when the two women don't know about each other at first then finally discover the truth... They even call each other up to argue over who's man he really is, only to agree that neither one is giving him up in the end.

Most of the time when this occurs, even though any man that will cheat on you ain't sh*t... THIS man REALLY ain't sh*t.

Phenomenal said...

Zane like you I think it is very distasteful. To me it shows a lack of self esteem and self worth. Do we as women think so little of ourselves that we would accept having "half of man" than no man at all? As women have we lost our compassion for each other, I wonder if the other woman ever stops and thinks about the wife who is at home waiting on "her" so called man, doing his laundry, keeping his household running, and putting up with his crap. Probably not. My question to the other woman is after he leaves and to goes home to his wife, what are you left with but a dirty bed sheets, a wet spot and a memory until the next time he comes knocking?

Adreanious said...

I've never been one to judge though I always have an opinion. I feel the reason that women share men is not always as simple as self esteem or self worth issue. In my opinion and dare I say it experience it is more often their projection of worth onto said men that creates the problem. I have observed many women both in my scholastic as well as my professional life fall into this habit. They feel not that they are worth less but rather their male companions (not to be confused with men) are worth more. In looking from the outside it's easy to say this and that, but when confronted with the same situation many women would make the same decision to share. That is not to say some of the blame does not lie with these so called men, but in the end it’s the decision of women with whom they sleep. I’m a married man and therefore look at life a little differently than the others of my sex. That being said I know many successful, well educated, and confident women who would share me with my wife if I let them. That is not to say that I am the best looking or greatest catch in the world. That is however to show some evidence to bolster my point, all it take is a decent looking (and sometimes not even that) so called good man and women will take a handful just to say they have some…