Wednesday, November 5, 2008

In Love With Two Brothers

Dear Zane,

I have a very personal story/question to get some advice on. I'm in love with two brothers. I married one to stay close to the other while he was locked up and now that he's out, he's asking me to be his wife, and to be with him. I’m so confused. I know that all this sounds really stupid but it's the truth. Sometimes I think I should write a book on my life, but I wouldn't even know how to get started. You see, me and the first brother used to kick it in school, and one thing led to another and we fell in love. We parted ways after school, and started dating other people but we always ended up right back together somehow; either by running into each other, or just hooking up for good sex, but the funny part is I never knew he had a older brother because they never mentioned him. Umph... crazy, isn't it... I know, trust me; it's the life I’m living now.

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, I came to Mississippi looking for my friend, and discovered that he was locked up in jail and that he wasn’t getting out anytime soon. The family also told me that he was married and I met his wife. Funny thing is, I knew this no good bitch and I knew she was no good for him and I had to have him back. The family also told me that they were moving because FEMA was moving them. I got with the older brother and moved away. In the process, I burned bridges, lied, stole, cheated; everything you could imagine just so I could get back to my first. The craziest part is that we all live together in South Carolina with their mom, and I have been intimate with the both of them. I’m not going to talk your head off, because I can see where this is going, but I just want to know what you think? Let me know. By the way, I’m 23 and the first brother that I was with is 23 and the older brother is (31). I know... I know...

Involved With Two Brothers

Dear Involved With Two Brothers,

Yes, you do know and you know where I am going to go with my response. Clearly, you are dead wrong in your obsessive behavior toward this man. You went as far as to marry his brother so you could be laying in wait when he got out of jail. You cannot marry him and he cannot marry you. Both of you are already married to other people. Despite what you think about his wife, he did marry her for some reason. You call his wife a no-good bitch and say she is no good for his but what do you honestly think people will say about you if they found out that you are sleeping with your husband’s brother. All of you are living up in the mother’s house and this is not healthy, realistic, or even sane.

You need to make a quiet exit out of their lives, all of their lives. I realize this might not be easy but it is a must. Granted, you may be in love with the younger brother but at the end of the day, nothing but madness, violence, and possible loss of life can come from this situation. I am not suggesting that you come clean either. Telling your husband that you only married him to be with his brother is not a good idea. Staying married to your husband when you cannot keep your hands off his brother is not a good idea. The only good idea I can see is a clean break.

You knew what I was going to say before you emailed me. The question is, are you going to do the right thing or keep being delusional? I swear, some of you young ladies who email me look so innocent and virginal. Men do not possibly see this coming.



VJ said...

That's right Zane get her because she know she was wrong for that!! Yea girl write that book cause that was a mess and sounds like it good be a good read. Becareful with that! God Bless You with that Mess you have created!

Juicy Girl said...

Juicy Girl
I was in a situation just like this and I too need so clearity before i get as far as marriage. I started off likeing one bro but we just had sex. The younger bro kissed me and we have been fooling around every since. We have has a child together and now we live together. The thing is we moved in with their mother and the older bro was living there. I seen him and all these feelings just started coming back. We had sex again and man was it hotter than the first time!! I am not confussed about my feelings, I am just wondering if I should have given the older bro more time, you know, see our relationship through.

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