Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Should I Throw in the Towel

Dear Zane,

I haven't had a serious relationship in my life. I am 30 years old and it seems that all the men that are attracted to me or I’m attracted to, don't want relationships. I even started dating men who are out of my norm, and no luck. I am not an ugly women. I am a professional working on a master’s degree. I keep hearing that I am a good woman or I would make a wonderful wife but there are no takers. I try to go different places to meet men but they usually talk to one of my girlfriends. And another problem, I can meet a guy, never mention sex, not have on any revealing clothes, and all of a sudden, if we are in conversation, they want to talk about sex. My best friend said she never has had a guy talk about sex to her or make lewd comments. So why do they do it to me? It’s such a turn off. I mean, I am very sexual but after I get to know a guy. They talk about it in the first conversation. So should I just give up on love because it feels like love has given up on me?

Should I Throw In The Towel

Dear Should I Throw In The Towel,

Trust me when I say that I am totally feeling you. I am definitely wife material but cannot see myself ever getting married again because men do not appreciate me. It seems like the men of today do not care about a woman’s true qualities and that is sad. A man once told me that men would rather date a dishwasher than a millionaire, as long as she is fine and give up good sex. I thought it was ludicrous when he made that statement but now I am beginning to believe it. In today’s society, I do not even believe that most men approach women seeking a relationship, but they want sex and do not think about compatibility past that point. That is probably why men bring that up, despite you not acting or dressing like a slut. You are meeting the wrong men and while I cannot give you an immediate solution without shadowing your daily routine, I will tell you not to give up. Some of the men you cross paths with might feel that being with you would require putting in too much work when they can get readily available pussy someplace else. That is because there are so many women giving it up out of both sides of their drawers the second a man whispers sweet nothings in their ears.

I am not sure where you meet these men but try meeting them someplace else. I go back and forth daily about whether or not I feel like being bothered. In fact, I am thinking about having a contest for people to suggest a good man for me-LOL


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