Monday, November 3, 2008

What Signs Tell A Woman if a Man is a Good Lover?

What are your thoughts? What type of signs can tell a woman if a man has it going on in bed?

Hello Zane. A little while ago I was reading your manual on how to fuck a man. In it you said there were sign on if a man is a good fuck or not. I just recently relocated to Kentucky to attend school and I was wondering if you could hook a sista up with some of those signs. They guys I have come across thus far are horrible. I need your help bad.

The Sign Watcher

Dear the Sign Watcher:

Body language can speak volumes about a man’s bedroom skills. If a man carries himself with confidence, if he is comfortable discussing various topics—especially intimacy, if he looks you directly in your eyes when he speaks, if he touches you a lot in passing and seems affectionate, if he is a good dancer, and definitely when he is a good kisser. Take your time and get to know men well before you sleep with them. Fucking and intimacy are two different things but a creative man can mix the two up well. Check out the men in the Creative Arts like music, drama, journalism, etc. The best aphrodisiac is always the mind.


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