Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mute and Mesmerized

Dear Zane,

I am 22 years old and I am from Atlanta. I love watching your show. This last one about the photographer and the woman kind of hit home for me something serious. I had a shoot with this guy and he is gorgeous. Lately I have really been fantasizing about him. While I was there, he was kind of flirting with me sexually and he told me that I was the goofiest model and the most fun he and his side man had ever shot. I am really digging him and I want to tell him but from past experiences that I have encountered, I do not know how to talk to a man that I am interested in. My self-esteem is kind of low and he is the total package. I am torn because I do not know if it was just playful banter or if he was serious. Should I keep it strictly business or go for the gold? Please help me.

Mute and Mesmerized

Dear Mute and Mesmerized,

I would call him up and ask how he is doing, or contact him via the Internet and see what kind of reaction you get. If he wants to pursue something with you, he will. Men usually do not play games. Maybe he was genuinely interested but being that it was a professional situation, he did not want to risk how it would look to ask you out. Now that the photo shoot is done, contacting him will show him that he is on your mind and it is the only way that you will ever find out if he is feeling you or not. Women feel that they have to act like they want to fuck a man to show interest and they fear rejection. You can simply approach him in a friendly matter and let nature take its course.


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