Monday, November 3, 2008

Forced Into Virginity: An Advice Question

I am a seventeen year old girl. And I am still a virgin. I was raised in a strict Christian household and taught to safe sex for marriage. I have experimented with both oral sex and masturbation but my sister makes me feel like I'm a slut for wanting to be more sexual active. Sometimes I feel like I should save my virginity (the ultimate gift) for my husband, but then sometimes I really become curious. I feel like I'm being forced to stay a virgin sometimes, what should I do??

You should wait until there is zero doubt in your mind. Then and only then are you ready to have sex. Your virginity is special and you cannot give it away twice. A lot of women—and even some men—have serious regrets about their first time. Most importantly, whether you wait until marriage or not, do not sleep with someone that you do not love. I mean seriously love. Also, do not have unprotected sex. It seems obvious to me that there is not a special person in your life or you would have mentioned him. You said it, you are curious. That is not nearly enough to make such a sacrifice. As for the religious aspect, everything is taboo when it comes to Christianity, even though sex is prevalent throughout the Bible; any kind of sex you can imagine. Thus, even by masturbating and engaging in oral sex, you have already committed sins. Sins do not come in different degrees. Sexuality is not something that can be turned off like a faucet but you can control how you use and abuse it. I would take my time and wait for the young man to come along who loves you, respects you and is not simply trying to get into your pants.


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