Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Dick Slave

Dear Zane,

There’s this guy whom I feel is "sexy." We both liked each other until recent occasions where we fucked. Believe me, it wasn't the sex; it’s the point that I didn't know he was a hoe until after we fucked. It’s really weird because I can usually tell when a brotha is on games but this dude introduced me to his grandmother and his father and invited me to his family get together but he wasn't ready for a "relationship." I believed all this until one day I went over to my friend’s house and you could feel the horny vibe between the two; that’s when I said fuck it. Also that’s when the truth came out; people told me after I left his house, he came in the house with other females. I’m not his woman and I shouldn't care but I like him a lot and it’s putting a burden on me...I haven't talk to him since that day. Until today, when I drove past him and he said hey to me. I need advice. I want him but then I don't want a hoe. There’s more to the story if you like to hear, PLEASE WRITE BACK. You’re my last source....

The Dick Slave

Dear The Dick Slave,

You said it yourself. You are not his woman and since that is the case, he is free to date whomever else he wants. What you have to decide is whether or not you feel he is worth sharing with other women. In my opinion, no man is worth it but you have to make that choice. Just because he introduced you to his family does not mean that you can expect exclusivity. He might introduce a bunch of people to them and be naturally friendly. Whores can also be nice, you know.

In a nutshell, you crave to be with him but you realize that he is going to fuck other women. Where is the rationalization in that? If you fuck him again, knowing that he has a revolving door at his crib, you can never expect him to treat or respect you any differently. You have allowed him to set the parameters for a relationship, or fuckship.


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