Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Want to Sleep With Him

Dear Zane,

I'm lonely, have always been a sensual person... But I'm addicted to that "special" connection. I look in his eyes and want to, but I've always needed something more, something deep and fun and real... above all. Should I just let loose and try it for once? Or, should I hold my ground and wait for him to show he wants more than a physical connection? Hell, even that he just wants a good solid friendship. I just don't want to feel for him, then feel used and tossed aside.

I Want to Sleep With Him

Dear I Want to Sleep With Him,

You have a common dilemma. You have a natural attraction to men but you do not feel comfortable with the thought of participating in casual sex. Not that you need love but you want to at least know that he cares. There are many women who go through life with the same philosophy. As you get older, that feeling will surely increase. What you should do is a lot of soul searching and decide if the lust you feel for this particular man outweighs waiting it out to see if something more intense can develop over time. But unless he has given you vibes that he wants a relationship, do not have any expectations of more than sex.


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