Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shy and In Love

Dear Zane,

I met this guy via the internet. We started talking on the phone and through text messages at the end of June. We had our first "date" on July 8th and then he moved to VA for his job a day later. He had told me about it. We have continued to talk and text each other whenever we are not busy. Last week he asked me to go to VA to see him. Of course our intentions were not just set to talking. On the way up there, my monthly visitor showed up. Well, we were drinking and talking and then went to bed. We started kissing and stuff and then I told him about Mother Nature. So I gave him oral satisfaction. The next day we went to the movies and lunch and some shopping. That evening he invited his close friends over and cooked out and just hung out. I left Wednesday morning when he was going to work. My question is, how do we tell if there is something worth pursuing or not? I really like him and he asked me the night before I left when we would see each other again. He called me Wednesday night to make sure I made it home okay. I really like this guy, and when I'm around him, I can't talk. I get really shy.

How do I know if it is worth my efforts to tell him how I really feel? I just want to know how I can tell if he likes me. Please give me some insight. I know you must get tired of this stuff.

Shy and In Love

Dear Shy and In Love,

You can tell that he likes you because of his very actions that he has displayed. He moved and still kept in contact. He invited you there. He spent time with you and understood about your period. He invited his close friends over and introduced you to them. He told you that he wants to see you again and he called to make sure you made it home safely. My question is, what more do you expect? It is too soon for him to proclaim his love for you but the two of you definitely seem to be making progress. Everything seems like a winner so far so yes, pursue the relationship and see where it goes.


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