Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It Was For Him

It Was For Him

When someone is destined for something, no one can take it away from them. Not anyone who chooses to oppose them, spread negativity about them, or someone who wishes them harm. Barack Obama is living proof of that. Not only did he win the election, he won by such a landslide that his victory could never have been in doubt. He was born to be in this place in history, to become the first President of color of the United States of America.
This election has been an amazing thing to witness. Never have I seen so much such an intense commitment to a belief as I have when it came to Obama’s supporters. It gave me an inkling of what it must have felt like when Martin Luther King, Jr. led the March on Washington and gave his historical speech. How it must have felt when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on that bus and sparked a fire in the hearts of so many Americans.
I got up out of my bed yesterday morning, after being sick for three days, to go and vote. I was convinced that Obama had Maryland on lock since the state always goes Democrat, but I could not lie in my bed and not do my part. So I went and stood in line for three hours, hacking and coughing and probably scaring the people in line with me, but it was worth it. Not only to be able to say that I cast my vote but to be able to see the happiness, the pride and the conviction on the faces of the hundreds of people in line with me. No one was upset about the long lines. People were hugging and chatting like they were at a family reunion, after running into people in line that they had not seen in years, even though they live in the same city. I spotted my own son in line about a hundred people behind me and was glad that he came to do his duty, since this is the first time he has even been able to vote.
I am glad that this election is over because never was I worried but many were. Now as we move forward and embrace the change that has already begun, I only hope that this serves as proof positive that while we may all have our differences, that is what makes like so exciting. Being able to understand the thoughts of others, being able to have compassion for the plights of others, being able to gain motivation from seeing the achievements of others. Our economy is in a bad place but we will bounce back, we will secure the future for our children and grandchildren. Despite its flaws and imperfections, America is still the greatest country on earth. Let us stand together and truly make this world a better place.

Today, I am up and about again, revived, excited, ready to experience the day. I cannot wait to see how people are strutting and grinning today, how the love will be spread throughout the air. If you are in the DC area, stop by and hang out with me. I will be doing a booksigning today at B. Dalton’s in Union Station from 12 noon until 2 pm. Radio One will be there hosting the World’s Largest Office Party and Usher will be hosting that event from 12 noon until 1 pm with many, many celebrity guests to follow.
At 6 pm, I will be at the POSH Supper Club and Restaurant, celebrating the victory. Do not keep your behind in the house tonight. So come and hang out. I made a mistake in the last email about POSH. The 3-course meal is actually only $20 and not $25. You cannot even hit up Applebee’s and get three courses for $20, rather less an upscale restaurant. So call and make your reservations. All the information needed is below. Hope to see you but if I do not, as always, I love and appreciate each and every one of you.


Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

6-10 PM

POSH Restaurant and Supper Club

730 11th Street, NW Washington, DC


Book Signing

$2 Bar Appetizers

$20 3-Course Prix Fixe Menu

Please call restaurant directly to make reservations.

ADDICTED(First Course)

Lobster Bisque
Blended with herbs and spices with a drizzle of pesto

Posh Salad
Strawberries, mangoes, with a drizzle of raspberry dressing

Sautéed Calamari
Spinach, peppers, jalapeños, and green onions

INSATIABLE (Second Course)
Grilled Sweet Wild Salmon Sweet corn rice pilaf, sautéed spinach, and a citrus beurre blanc

Shrimp and Pasta
Cajun style shrimp tossed in bow tie pasta with a creamy alfredo

Fried Chicken Quarter
Curry marinated chicken, three cheese mac and cheese, collard greens

THE CLIMAX (Third Course)
Molten Chocolate cake a la mode
Sensual Strawberry Cheesecake
Mini Chocolate Cup Cakes

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