Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Discreet Freak

Dear Zane,

How do I bring more spontaneous sex into my life? Women are attracted to me, can tell within seconds I’m a "nice guy." I want to get my freak on all the time but when I’m honest and direct, they are disappointed because they thought I was a nice guy at first. If I’m slow and beat around about it, they want more than just a serious discreet freak session...I want to know how to make women choose me for freak sessions, kind of like the guy at the library that "she" fucks in that story Nervous. I am a nice guy, Zane. I don’t beat up on women or anything like that, but I hope you feel my question.

Discreet Freak

Dear Discreet Freak,

Nice guys can be freaks. What I am getting is that women are assuming that you want a serious relationship, but are upset when they find out you want to get freaky with them and that’s about it. This tells me that somewhere along the line, you are sending the wrong vibes, or approaching the wrong women. There are plenty of women seeking friends with benefits and nothing more these days. A lot of them are sick of being unappreciated and misused and have decided that sex with no ties is better than wasting time and effort of loving someone.Still be nice but be upfront from jump if that is all you are looking for. Of course, the risk in that is that you might end up overlooking your soul mate while you are trolling for pussy.


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