Saturday, November 22, 2008

Does the Inside Still Matter?

Dear Zane,

You can post this or not, but I am wondering: does the character, intelligence, kindness, thoughtfulness, etc. of a person matter as much as their looks? I feel, see, and think that the inside of a person matters less in this society when compared to their looks. In other words, it doesn't matter what the inside is, as long as the exterior is good. Is that true?

Does the Inside Still Matter

Dear Does the Inside Still Matter,

That is a damn good question. Honestly, in my opinion, I feel that most people in society are shallow-minded and unwilling to get to know a person unless they are aesthetically beautiful. That is unfortunate because it brings about a vicious cycle of unhappiness and people seeking the wrong things, then wondering why they are alone.

Take these online dating services as a case in point. I call them online meet markets and do not get me wrong, I believe they are a viable way to meet people without having to go out. In fact, I am going to relaunch very soon for that very reason. However, having done recent research in preparation for that, I have noticed that without a profile picture, you can forget about getting any communication from men. Women can not have three words in their profile but if they have up provocative pictures, they get tons of emails and propositions. That is much the way it is in real life. I see it all the time.

I am curious to see what others think so let's find out.



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