Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Should Stella Get Her Groove Back?

Dear Zane,

My situation could really be a future book. I do not believe that I have lost my groove but could this be? I am going to make this short and sweet but I can give more details.

I am a 28-year-old urban professional, living and attending graduate school in Washington. DC. I have been "talking" to one of my former high school interns. I work with students and this young man interned in my office during spring break and in the summer. I was in denial about our chemistry until last week. I always thought he was a cutie, but I think that about young people who I predict will grow up to be attractive men and women. But I have NEVER been attracted to a young person that I work with until now. The young man is a highly decorated scholar, finishing second in his class. He has concrete plans to become an engineer and attend an Ivy league university for graduate school. I am most attracted to his intelligence and drive to become successful, but his maturity is quite appealing.

We are considering becoming intimate and considering dating. Do you think I am crazy? Can this really work?


Dear Stella,

It is interesting because I had a conversation regarding this on a radio show earlier this week. To me, the age difference in dating becomes less significant with age. For you to be twenty-eight and contemplating dating an eighteen year old, no matter how matter he may appear, seems inappropriate to me. Chances are that it will be a short-lived experience because he is a man-child whose dick is going to point him in all kinds of directions, especially when he is in school with a bunch of young, horny coeds. I can see why he would welcome the experience with you though. What young man would not?

On your side, while I can understand your admiring his determination and intelligence, dating and having sex with him should not be on your radar. If you want to run the risk of a simple fuck, make sure you check his I.D. because they will lock you up, especially since you met him in a professional capacity. That in itself makes the situation too risky. You were entrusted with this young man at a school and to start getting busy with him now sets you up for all sorts of drama and possible legal action.

If I were you, I would leave well enough alone and wish him well in his educational endeavors.



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