Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Horrible Ending to One of My Blogs

Less than two weeks ago, I posted a blog about a young woman who wanted my advice for a friend. Her friend's husband had confided in her that he was attracted to other men. The woman who emailed me had offered for her friend and her daughter to come stay with her until she sorted things out. I am saddened to the bottom of my heart to report that the young woman committed suicide about a week ago. She mailed her friend--the one who emailed me--a suicide note which she received this past Wednesday. She could not deal with the not knowing, with the emotional turmoil and thought that her husband might have been with other men. There are really no words to express how terrible this is but I hope that people will see this as another reason why one should never play with human emotions. Sure we can all say that she should have just left him and taken the daughter, gotten a divorce and moved on with her life. Or we could say that she should have stayed and played out the scenario. Death was certainly not the answer.

I asked the young lady who emailed me if it was okay to post about the suicide and she said yes. She is heartbroken because she and so many others tried to help her friend.


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