Saturday, November 22, 2008

Do You Use a Web Cam?

The blog that I just posted about the young man who killed himself via the Internet makes me wonder how many people actually use web cams. Most computers have them built in now, even the one that I am typing on but I have never used one.

If you do use one, why do you? Is it to communicate with family members or friends in other places? Or do you communicate with strangers? Do sexual acts via a web cam? I have never understood the fascination with them.


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Dulce said...

I do have 1 use it to communicate with family and friends, that i dont see often and won't see anytime soon; to show them my new shoes and dresses, hair dos and of course show off the weather here in FL to my friends in boston, NY, cali and canada LOL etc.... And also because i am in a long distance, nothing sexual because for some reason i believe that someone can hack into my webcam and see everything.