Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How Much Sex Is Too Much?

Dear Zane,

Can you ask your readers: I was wondering can a couple have too much sex?Because me and my mate, we have a lot of sex. Maybe five days out of the week and maybe more than one time in the day. Yes, we do other things; we go out, we study together, hang with each other’s friends, movies, dinner, etc. And we are both only twenty.When does it become not healthy in a relationship?

How Much Is Too Much

Dear How Much Is Too Much,

In my opinion, the only way that there can be such a thing as too much sex is if one of the partners is uncomfortable with the situation. Now I am only speaking about a monogamous situation. If someone is running around screwing a bunch of different people, that is a different matter. However, when it comes to a couple, it is a personal preference. Now if you said that ALL you do together is have sex, that might mean something unhealthy but it seems like you are doing normal dating activities. Let’s see what everyone else thinks though.


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