Tuesday, November 25, 2008

101 Questions

Dear Zane,

First let me start off by saying, I love your books and I love the new show! I'm still waiting on Addicted the movie, or play, or something! (Because that was the best book ever)OK here's my question. (Well two, or 3 or 4 lol)

Me and my fiancĂ© have great sex. I love him with all my heart and I can’t wait to be with him forever.I've been recently been thinking about anal sex. i just don't really know how to bring the interest to his attention. Or even how to start doing it, if it turns out he's all for it. I hear it hurts like a female dog, but isn't there something we can do to make it hurt less? I was thinking about lubrication, which is obvious, but what about doing it like in a tub or something like that?Another topic is having sex under water. I don't intend on having any children right after we get married because it’s too soon. We still use protection and I'm on birth control. We’ve had sex in the shower before (and I have my most powerful orgasms ever) but he doesn't cum out of fear the condom will break. We are planning a romantic weekend for the New Year and there's a Jacuzzi involved. I want him to enjoy it as much as I do so is there any way to have sex in the water without the condom breaking?That’s pretty much it. I've researched some sites and haven’t really come up with anything helpful. I've even gone out on a whim and asked my boss at the sex shop I work at to order some books on it if she found any. (I told her a friend wanted to know; she’s still my boss you know) but I’d really appreciate the write back. Thanks for your time.

101 questions

Dear 101 Questions,

You should get my book, Dear G Spot. I have an entire, detailed chapter on Anal Sex. It is funny because it was alphabetically the first chapter and my publisher asked if I could put it back somewhat so I did not freak people out from the first page-LOL

Lubrication is obvious but you should also take your time and start out with him inserting fingers while he is inside your pussy and beginning to relax your muscles back there. The main reason that anal sex hurts some people is because of tension and stress from the thought of pain. It is like a version of sexual fear factor. Try it gradually and if you come to the conclusion that there is no way in hell that you want his dick inside your ass, do not do it; pure and simple. As for bringing it up, you are about to marry him. No topic should be taboo from the man you will spend your life with.

As for having sex under water, I have never heard of water causing condoms to break. Most condoms have been quality tested in all viable situations, including that, and tons of people fuck in water. I would not be concerned about that but still use another form of protection, in and out of the water, if you do not want kids right now.