Friday, November 28, 2008

Liking Someone Who Doesn't Like You The Same Way

Dear Zane,

I'm talking to this guy, and we been talking for like three months. We only had like three dates, and they were all in Sept. But other than that, all we do is fuck. He's a truck driver and is always on the road. So, I talk to him all the time. It's just when he's in town he never wants to go out. Like early this week, for instance. I told him that my god sister was having a game night at her house on Sat. He said he would think about it, if he would be in town. Well, he came in town Thursday night. When I asked him Friday what he was doing this weekend. He told me that he was going to Nashville to hang out with his friend that lives up there. So, I'm thinking to myself that damn, I asked you earlier this week about going out. But you would rather go back out of town and hang with your boys. And when I told him how I felt about him doing me like that, he said that he felt me, but he doesn't feel me. Should I just leave him alone? Because I thought I could start a relationship with this guy.

Liking someone who doesn't like me the same way!

Dear Liking Someone Who Doesn’t Like Me The Same Way,

You said it all with your signature. He does not have the same intentions as you. You are a cut/fuck buddy and you want him to be your man and date you and hang out with your friends. That is not going to happen and you cannot make him do it.

You can either keep seeing him/fucking him or you can stop wasting your time. If you want a relationship he is not the one and you have to commend him that he is at least not leading you on about it.


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Anonymous said...

I feel exactly how you feel girl because I too am in a basically a fuck buddy relationship. and as much as I want him to be with mee he told mee straight up he doesnt want to "mess up" what we have going on. but what he doesnt realize is that he already did. so im going to leave my guy alone too. too many men out here girl dont waste it on someone who doesnt want you.