Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Putting The Spark Back In Your Marriage

Dear Zane,

Do you have any suggestions on getting the spark back in your marriage? I don’t think my husband knows how to satisfy me. We have been married for nine years. What can I do or how can I tell him that he is not pleasing me, without hurting his pride? Please help me or direct me to the right direction. I love my husband and I want it to work, but I’m to the point that I am daydreaming about being with someone else, just so I can get a fix. I am a big fan of yours and I used to read your books to him so he could get the hint but it doesn’t work. What should I do?

Too Young To Be In This Situation

Dear Too Young to Be In This Situation,

You are dealing with a very common situation. So many married couples lose the passion that first got them together. Time itself changes people and then you have to add in life’s events. I am not making any excuses for your husband but you married him for better or for worse. That means if he ends up crippled in a wheel chair and cannot use his dick at all, you are supposed to be faithful. Cheating is not an easy answer or an answer at all, unless you are prepared to end your marriage over a piece of dick. If your husband has been good to you in every other way during your marriage, you have to work this out.

Facing him head on is certainly not the answer. Outside of reading my books, what have you done to reignite the fire in your marriage? Have you met him at the door butt naked with a ribbon on? Have you planned a sexy and erotic weekend getaway? Have you fed him chocolate covered strawberries and licked champagne off his chest? So many times women complain about lack of good sex in their marriage but they wait for the man to improve and never look at how they can improve and enhance things themselves.

If you have Cinemax on Demand or know someone who does, go watch the pilot of “Zane’s Sex Chronicles.” The character Lyric complains to her friends that she and her husband Estaban have not had sex in months and comes to the conclusion that he is not into her anymore. Once she decides to take matters into her own hands, things change quickly. You have to take the leap and do something freaky. Now if he does not respond after numerous attempts at that, then you may need to consider other options like counseling.



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