Friday, November 28, 2008

The Orgasm Seeker

Dear Zane,

I have read your blogs and I noticed you answer questions so I have one. I’m 18 and in April I lost my virginity. Now since then I have had 4 sexual partners but for some odd reason I can’t have an orgasm; no matter how hard I try. I have orgasms when I masturbate but other than that, I don’t have any. At first I thought it was the dude I was having sex with but the more partners I have, the more I get frustrated. Like no matter what they do, oral, fingering, anything, I just can’t have one. So I was wondering is something wrong with me or my body and can I change it?

Orgasm Seeker

Dear Orgasm Seeker,

You have what most women have, a psychological hang up that has to do with not feeling truly comfortable around your partners. Since you can have an orgasm when you masturbate, it is not a physical thing. Doing it with a bunch of people is not going to help the issue. You need to work on yourself and learn to relax mentally. A lot of people feel that losing control with an orgasm in front of others is embarrassing. While you may not think that is the case with you, it has something to do with it.


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