Sunday, November 9, 2008

When Your Man Wants Another Man

Dear Zane,

My friend tells me that her husband told her that he likes men but has not been with one yet. I told her to end it. I have nothing against gays, lesbians, and bisexuals but I do think that if a man is fucking another man, he should not be fucking a woman; that's just too risky. I feel that is Russian roulette. Am I giving her the right advice or am I wrong? I did tell her that she and her daughter stay with me if she needed to.

Concerned Friend

Dear Concerned Friend,

Stating that he has not been with a man yet means that he is contemplating it. Whether he is talking about fucking another man or another woman, the point is that he is married to her and unless she decides to have an open marriage or engage in a threesome, he is wrong for cheating. She should be extremely concerned because the mere fact that he would tell her that is probably a precursor for either something about to happen or something that has already happened that he is hiding. Some people believe that stating half-truths is some sort of redemption. Without knowing any more of the facts, I would say that she needs to sit him down and get to the bottom of things. If he continues to state that he is attracted to men, then she needs to weigh her options. Unlike being able to compete with another woman, she may simply not have what he needs and desires.


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