Friday, November 28, 2008

Tempted By The Past

Dear Zane,

I am a recent graduate from college and been having trouble meeting a man. Recently, I gave up and just decided to work on myself. About two weeks ago an old booty call from college came back into my life. We have been talking every day since and he wants me to visit him. The other day he asked what I wanted. I told him that in one way I want to just fuck and in another way I am tired of just fucking and want to settle down but I just want to take it slow and see what happens. He said he echoed my feelings and I would have to relocate from Cali to Montgomery, Alabama, but in the past all we have ever been is booty calls. We have really been getting to know each other like we just met. I don't want to put too much on it but also don't want to get my feelings hurt or involved in a sticky situation. What should I do? Plus I haven't had sex in a while and I know when we see each other we will fuck. I am scared? Please help me.

Tempted By The Past

Dear Tempted By The Past,

Do not allow your trouble meeting a man to cloud your judgment. You reconnected with him two weeks ago, have not seen him and you are already considering picking up your life in California and moving to Alabama? No, ma’am. You need to seriously slow your roll. One or both of you are tripping. When you said that you want to take it slow, that is your best bet. Get to know him again and realize that people change. Just see what happens but you better not move with that man or you will be kicking yourself in the ass by Spring.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Tempted by the Past,

Let me just say that this is just as you said "Temptation by the Past".

First make sure the man isn't married. Then make sure you are not looking for what you had in the past because the present may not be the same. I did the same thing and lost my dang mind when it was over after he and I slept with one another after 20 years of missing one another. I realized that's all we wanted the one night we finally got together was "What we had before". It's not worth it. You can't get that back. Right now you both are curious, not serious.

Talk more and really get to know each other in the present before pack up, move, and before you lie on your back. Take your time. You shouldn't allow yourself to be rushed into something you are not quite sure of. If you are writing this letter because you are not sure. Something is telling "NO". You seem very intelligent. I am. Yet I made a very stupid decision. I paid for it. But...No more quilt now on my part.

He may have changed and at the age of manhood, he may still be able to say just what you need to hear (or what he knew you liked to hear) to get you where he wants you. Then....THE THRILL IS GONE!!!! Then he is in the past again.

Stay strong...instead of being "Tempted by the Past" be "Strong enough to make it Last".