Friday, November 28, 2008

Why Do Men Always Go For the Breasts?

Dear Zane,

I had an experience over this past weekend and it dawned on me today, why do men do this? When you go on a date for the first time and you wind up kissing your date for the first time, why do men kiss you and go straight for the breasts?! Do we go for the dick when we kiss a guy for the first time? I know I don't but it just baffled me and I was thinking back pretty much and all men do it. Do we as women have a tattoo across our foreheads that says please kiss me and grab my tits while you're at it? I don't get it and thought you would be able to shed some light on this.


Dear Curious,

That is too funny but also true. Men do seem to go for the ta-tas quickly when we start kissing. I have a two-fold response. Men can either do that because they are turned on by feeling or kissing our breasts or, they can do it because they know that a woman’s breasts can often be her weak point. I actually love a man to fondle and kiss my breasts and cannot be with a man who is not a breast man. That is an intricate part of the experience for me. It will be interesting to see what men and women have to say about this though.



Hafiz Lyrical Poet said...


I am with you! there is nothing like a good lick and kiss on the breast! That shit is a pussy wetter, and I like my pussy to be extra wet when a man goes in for the kill. When a man grabs my tata's I'm ready to cum so I say bring it on papi!

love my titties licked!

James said...

I love me some titties... I can't get enough of them whether I kiss, hold, or am biting the nipples of a woman. I think my curiosity of the texture and feel of her breast overcomes me and I must cop a feel. I think it is burned in our brains to go for the tits!

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