Saturday, November 15, 2008

Seeking Revenge

Dear Zane,

I really need your help. I found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me with some girl at school this week. I was mad when I found out about it but he thinks that I don’t know. People at school are telling me all about it and, at the same time, telling him that he is wrong for what he did. He doesn’t even say anything to me now that it is over. I still want to get back at him, by wearing something really tight that shows my figure or having a sexy guy with me or something. Just give me some advice, please.

Seeking Revenge

Dear Seeking Revenge,

My advice is simple. While I realize his betrayal hurts, it is a blessing in disguise because now you do not have to waste any more valuable time living a lie. You are young and many other men will break your heart by doing something stupid and immature. Do not try to get back at him with some off-the-wall Jerry Springer nonsense. Learn this valuable lesson while you are young and move on with style and grace. He is the fool and everyone probably knows it. If he ever truly cared for you, he would not have cheated period, rather less with someone at the same school. He believes that the number of girls he can get into bed makes him a real man, when nothing could be further from the truth. Do not jump into a relationship with someone else on the rebound. Chill, relax, release the tension, and walk by him in the hallways with your head held up high. Anything else will simply prolong the drama and give your classmates something to snicker about.


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