Sunday, December 28, 2008

When Your Best Friend's Ex Tries to Fuck You

The below question brings up a good topic. Have you ever wanted to fuck the ex of one of your friends? Have any of them ever tried to step to you? If so, what did you do about it?

Dear Zane,

I have a question about some male behaviors I've seen. Last night, I went out with one of my girlfriends to celebrate leaving the big city for the country in a week. We got into the club and started having a nice time. I have been in this city for 4 years so I always see familiar faces when I go out. One guy caught my eye but not in the "I want him way" more in the "I Know him way". It dawns on me that I know him through my best girlfriend. They used to mess around. I go up to him and tell him I know him and tell him who my best friend is. He acts as if he has no idea who I am talking about. Then asks where does he know ME specifically from, I explain again that I am her best friend but I don't think that was what he was asking. Anyway, his home boy walks up and I remember him too, he remembers me after a moment too. All of a sudden everyone remembers.

OK, some history-when my memory caught up, I remembered that they didn't end well and she said really mean things about his male hygiene (he had a dick odor-something about being uncircumcised). I told him sorry for interrupting and started back to my home girl. He asked me to dance. The question, He pursued me for the rest of the night, trying to touch and feel, kissing on my neck. I had to tell him no and walk away numerous times. Would a guy try to get at the best friend to spite the girl who hurt him? And what is the point of that? I wonder if they even talk. I cannot take leftovers and I know too much about him in that way anyway. I am too old to be a notch in someone's belt plus I hate games and he smelled of GAME. Can a friends ex have actual interests in you or just spiteful intentions?

~Glad I didn't sleep with him

Dear Glad I Didn't Sleep With Him,

To answer your question, it is plausible that a friend's ex can have interest in you because if they spent a lot of time around you and thought you had it going on, it may have always been in the back of their mind. It is also plausible that a person could do it out of spite. However, I do not think it was either in your situation.

I believe what happened to you is that you approached a pussy hound to say hello, he is such a pussy hound that he could not even remember your friend or you at first, and then he decided to try to get some pussy to take home that night. You were not a sure bet but at least the lines of communication had been opened and he did not have to walk up to some other random chick and risk rejection. He was trying to get a notch on his bed post and you were looking like a good candidate. I would not read too much into it but I am glad you had enough common sense to keep your panties on.



Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go there. It would cause too much drama. Especially if the friend still has feeling for "him".

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