Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Text Message Love-NOT!

Dear Zane,

I met this guy 2 and a half years ago on MySpace and we hit it off really well. We went out a few times, I met his mother, and we just clicked. I stayed the night at his house one night after watching him perform in his band. There was a lot of touching and caressing. But no intimacy. Shortly after all of this, he decided to try and make it work with his ex girlfriend. Since then(almost 3 years ago), he does nothing but text me. I try calling him, but he doesn't answer the phone. If I leave a message, he texts me back. I've told him a few times if he can't call to leave me the hell alone. But for some reason, he still sends me texts. 2008.........The texting continues. In some of the texts, he says that he is curious to what would've happened if we continued to date or if we would've had sex that night. In September, he finally called to wish me a happy birthday. But then he starts asking me about my computer and uses that as an excuse to come over. Once he looked at my laptop, we start playing and wrestling around and I could see that he was hard. So, I can tell there's still some attraction to me. In November, he called me again and asked if he could come over and hang out. I said yes, so he came over after work. We stayed in the living room talking and he kept looking at me, telling me I still remind him of his mother(in a good way) and she still talks about me. Somehow, we started talking about sex, and I became the aggressor and initiated the moment. I kissed all over him and we ended up having sex. Now..........His ass is still texting me. I'm tired of it and I jst don't know what to do. We're suppose to be friends, but friends TALK, not text all the time, and hang out. I don't know what it is that he wants and why he wants to keep me around, but I'm confused cause of his actions. Maybe I should get rid of him. If he ever wanted to be more, I wouldn't mind. But I'm in the middle with what he really wants. What do you think? Please help me.


Dear Confused,

There should be no confusion here. His actions say it all. What was the name of that book? He’s Just Not So Into You? If the young man had any real feelings toward you, he would not be texting you ONLY. He would be calling, spending time with you, and expressing feelings. You need to stop being a text buddy with him; not because texting is bad but because you and him are not on the same page. You want him. He does not want you. He might get horny around you but that does not make it genuine feelings. Most men get hard if a woman is in close proximity of them and most will have sex if a woman initiates it. Men who cheat often use that very excuse. “She came onto me so what was I supposed to do?”

Even after sex, he went right back to texting. What could you possibly hope to gain from this? Say the sky falls and he suddenly wants a relationship. There is no indication that he could be trustworthy or sincere based upon his actions for nearly three years. If there was a sincere connection for you two, it would have already happened.


Anonymous said...

i watch sex chronicles and i would like to know if you and the cast are going to do Guests appearances in New York city because i would like to meet you and the cast in person.

Also i would like to know how to get started writing an adult comic book.

dolly said...

i have a 40 year old friend who is in love with a bitch who treat him with no respect they have been together for 4 year and had sex only 3 time. he does every thing she tell him to do they have broken up twice this year but he still crying he love her. help me help my sorry ass friend.


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