Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Does a Five-Year Age Difference Really Make a Difference?

Dear Zane,

There's this guy and I find myself really attracted to him. But the problem is we work together, I don't believe in mixing business with pleasure, and there is a 5-year age difference. I know that he's something special because every time he comes around me, I smile and act all giddy, but I can't help but think that the age difference is going to become a problem for us so. For now, I’m just being an associate because I don't know if we should take it there and I also can't help thinking what if we don't work out and then, because we work together, it messes with our relationship at work.

Five Years Younger

Dear Five Years Younger,

A five-year age difference is not tremendous when it comes to adults. I sense that you are somewhat young. There is nothing wrong with the age as long as you are both over eighteen. If you were saying ten years, then I might have a bigger comment.

The bigger issue is working together and taking the risk of ruining that relationship. Sometimes we read more into someone’s kindness than what is actually there. I have had many men make the assumption that I was romantically interested in them when that could not have been further from the case. I would suggest continuing to have a crush on him, establishing a good friendship, but leaving it at that. He may or may not already have a woman and you do not want to make a move and then have to suffer embarrassment daily at work.



Dani said...

Usually I would say no or it depends on what age it is because 5 years between 30 and 25 or 25 and 20 is a clear cut hell yeah it mattaers because of maturity level but if its 30 and 35 or 40 and 35 I would say no. Dnt be afraid go for yours-I keep hearing there arent many good men left so forget about the fact that yall work together-u gotta find your somewhere. :)

Anonymous said...

how do I write you about an issue I have?

Anonymous said...

I'm 19 my boy friend of four months is 27.

Issue? older men say it won't work.