Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family Guilt Over Being Gay

Dear Zane,

So my issue is that my family has a whole is against gay, bisexual, lesbian, the whole 9 yards. I’m 24 and still can’t come to my family about me being bisexual. My cousin has already come out and they have accepted him but still haven’t in a way. I have a girlfriend of 2 and a half years and a boyfriend of 8 months. My boyfriend is my best friend and he knows everything and is behind me 100%. My mother is a god going women and I was raised in church. My mother has touched on the subject to my friends and also to me but I can’t bring myself to tell her. My 3 oldest brothers already know and don’t give 2 shits because they raised me and maybe knew already. My father and stepmother are hell to tell them anything. My stepmother is a serious bitch and so is her family and it’s hell just having them at my house while my girlfriend is there. But my main concern is how do I tell my family that I’m Bi. Should I stay in the closet? Or become the gay star.

Family Guilt

Dear Family Guilt,

You have nothing to feel guilty about. You are entitled to live your life “stress-free.” The only way to do that is to get this part over with. Since you believe that your brothers already know and your stepmother is a bitch, then that leaves your parents. My guess is that both of your parents already know. Most parents have their fingers on the pulse of their children’s lives. They may not always speak on it, or they may avoid it to protect their children’s feelings but they know. If our grown children are having marital problems, we know. If they are having financial problems, we know. They say that children carry their parents’ stress and worries, but it goes both ways. Your life belongs to you. Do not feel that you have to tiptoe around in your own house. If one or both of them have a hard time at first, love with transcend all and they will get over it.


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