Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Want Someone to Slap My Ass

Dear Zane,

I really need some advice. I just finished a book called Total Surrender by Cheyenne McCray and it was really hot!! It deals with BDSM. I've always had a fantasy of being tied up and spanked and this book took it to a whole other level. There are three stories in this book, and by the first one I was wetter than I've ever been!! I feel like I've found a whole new side of myself and I really want to explore it but I don't know where to start. A big part of the book deals with domination/submission or master/slave, as well as bondage. To put it plainly, I want to be a sub. Just the thought of someone taking control of me sends thrills through my body. I want to find a Dom but I'm not sure where to look. I'm a 24 year old female and I want to see if this is really something I would like or if it just was because of the book.

Looking for a Dom

Dear Looking for a Dom,

If you live anywhere near a major city, finding people who live “behind the veil” should be fairly simple. They probably have dozens of groups that meet on a regular basis. It is not something you find listed in your local yellow pages though. You are going to have to seek them out. Ask around about BDSM clubs in your area. I was in one Friday night; not for that purpose but I was in one and have had parties in them in the past. They certainly exist.

You should see where you can observe it in person without having to commit to participate. That is very important—crucial even—because it may not be for you after all. There is nothing wrong with being curious and if you really want to explore it, do it but proceed with caution. I am not going to name any of them but there are plenty of BDSM online dating hookups. I know nothing about them personally so cannot recommend one but you can find them easily by typing BDSM Clubs in your search engine.



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