Monday, July 27, 2009

Excerpt from The Last Prejudice by David Rivera, Jr.


Hilarious, sexy, and entertaining. Three words that I use to describe The Last Prejudice by David Rivera, Jr. I often get emails from people craving for novels about plus-sized characters. Well, here is one hell of a novel about women who know how to celebrate life, who love with passion, and who no problems expressing their sexuality. I am positive that anyone who reads this book will love it. Please give it a shot. Blessings, Zane


From the bestselling author of Playing in the Dark -- an erotic and romantic novel about how real love is measured by the size of your heart and not the size of your hips.

The three plus-sized women in The Last Prejudice find support in one another during the ups and downs of their juicy romances and chaotic lives. Noreen Klein is more than comfortable inside the smooth curves a size-24 frame enables. She's an empowered diva who gets what she wants -- including hot men. On the other hand, Dahlia Ortega is a beautiful woman who is extremely insecure with her thick body. Recently coming out of an abusive marriage, the docile Dahlia is left with a raging thirst for dominance. Kat Davis once had a perfect body, but now has to contend with the additional sixty pounds she put on during her tumultuous pregnancy. She wrestles with releasing herself from a self-imposed emotional prison, to embrace the love she deserves. Follow these three women as they fulfill their insatiable sexual appetites and overcome the disheartening emotional challenges that trouble many full-figured women.

Fresh, thoughtful, and endlessly provocative, The Last Prejudice proves how biases against voluptuous women don't exist when love and lust is in the air. Readers will be riveted by Rivera's fast-paced and passionate writing style -- a must-read for women of all sizes.


David Rivera, Jr., is an investigator for the city of New York, and has a Master of Science degree from Metropolitan College. He lives in Harlem, New York.


The three women spent the first three days together at Hedonism. They danced every night, if not with each other, then with whichever gentleman asked them. After the first day at the resort, the men and women who were there to hook up did just that. Everyone else who was only there to have a good time weren’t disappointed either. During the morning, Noreen and Dahlia would meet Kat in her room and then they’d spend the day by the pool or at the spa. On the third day, Noreen made an announcement to Dahlia and Kat.

“I signed up for The Dating Game this afternoon.”

Every afternoon since they had arrived at Hedonism, Zane hosted a Dating Game contest by the biggest pool at the resort. All three women would look on and laugh at the contestants, enjoying the questions and responses from the three women or men who were brave enough to participate in the fun.

Neither Dahlia nor Kat seemed surprised by Noreen’s announcement.

“I knew you were going to do it,” Dahlia said.

“After you got up on the open mike last night and did your poem, “Big Juicy,” I knew you were going to do something else to prove that you’re as good as the skinny girls.“ Kat chuckled.

“And why shouldn’t I?” Noreen asked.

“The charcoal-black chick did her poem, ‘Midnight Love.’ All she was doing was advertising how much better extra dark punany is, than regular brown punany. Why can’t I put the word out, how good Big Juicy punany is? I know I got some good stuff and I’m not ashamed of it,” Noreen said, turning over onto her back on the reclined pool chair.

“Anyway, what does my poem and signing up for the Dating Game, have to do with anything?” she said, turning to her side and leaning on her elbow while she spoke.

“Nothing, except anytime you see some small woman getting something that you want, you go all out of your way to do something about it,” Dahlia said, remaining relaxed on her back.

“And what’s wrong with that? I’m proud to be a big beautiful woman and I’m not letting life shortchange me out of anything. You can keep trying to diet if you want, Dee, it’s not going to change who you are.”

Dahlia remained quiet. She was not ready to admit that Noreen was right, again. She stayed on her back and continued to look at the blue sky through her Versace sunglasses.

Noreen turned to Kat waiting to see if she had something to add.

“Why are you looking at me? You know how I feel. I’m going to diet and exercise until I get this weight off of my fat ass, and if that doesn’t work, I’m gonna get me another job until I can pay for some liposuction. Then maybe I’ll find a man that deserves this good pussy. It won’t be fat, it won’t be funky black, but it will be good.”

All three women laughed. They had already had this discussion the first day when they met. Kat and Dahlia had sided with each other on the issue of why big women settle for whatever man they can get. Noreen made the point that she was fat, happy and never settled for second best. She had even bragged that she could get any man whom she really wanted.

After three days of seeing Noreen manipulate and seduce all sorts of men, Kat was ready to believe her. Dahlia had seen Noreen in action and had never doubted her. All Dahlia knew was that she didn’t have that same power over men.

An hour later, Noreen was sitting behind a makeshift partition with two other women. They were definitely not as pretty as Noreen, but they were not big women. All three women wore bathing suits with a sarong wrapped around their waists. Noreen’s suit was the tightest. She had an incredibly flat stomach for such a large woman. Her hips flared out widely over the stool she sat on, and when she crossed her legs you could see more of her evenly brown thighs than the other two contestants. Noreen was bachelorette number three.

The bachelor was named Dennis. He was a thin, handsome, brown-skinned man. His face was clean-shaven if not for the pencil-thin mustache that outlined his upper lip. During the introduction of the contestants, Dahlia and Kat whispered and joked with each other how he would never be able to carry Noreen to bed.

“She will break that little man in two,” Kat said, giggling behind her hand.

There were approximately a hundred people by the poolside. This daily event had quickly become the entertainment of the day for the resort. Everyone stopped swimming and people stepped out of their rooms to enjoy the show. Noreen waved to her girls and they waved back, not wanting her to become suspicious of their little joke.

Noreen was not attracted to skinny men at all. She liked her men to be big and strapping. She liked feeling petite in a big man’s embrace or when lying underneath him in bed. She also liked the feeling of being “handled” in bed. You couldn’t be too big for her taste. If she knew it was a skinny man that she was competing for, she would have walked right off the makeshift stage. Her girls had promised her that if it was a skinny or ugly man, they would give her the high sign. She would then give bad answers so that there was no chance she would get stuck with a lemon—so much for friendship.

“Bachelorette Number One, if I were at a fruit stand and you were the fruit I was looking for, what fruit would you be?”

Dennis had a voice that was so deep and rich it made all the contestants’ eyebrows raise.

Bachelorette Number One sat up a little higher in her seat and then smoothed her sarong before answering.

“Honey, I would be two big melons,” Bachelorette Number One said, holding her two large breasts together for everyone else but the bachelor to see. The men who were watching clapped a little, but it was a very obvious answer.

“Bachelorette Number Two, same question.”

“Baby, for you, I would be a grapefruit, because although I could be called high yellow, I’m definitely pink and all juicy on the inside.”

More men clapped for that answer than the first, but the women were still not giving it up.

“Bachelorette Number Three, would you like to try your hand at that same question?”

Noreen smiled easily before opening her mouth.

“Dennis,” she said, letting his name linger in the air. None of the other contestants had said his name. You could tell he liked the way she said it, by the smile that came to his face.

“I couldn’t be anything other than a quince if you were looking for me.”

“A quince?”

“Yes, the quince was the fruit that Eve allegedly tempted Adam with in the Garden of Eden. The only difference is that biting me is not a sin. And if you bite me right, I’ll bite you right back.”

The crowd liked her response and both men and women gave her a loud clap. The game continued for about another thirty minutes. Noreen gave the cleverest and sexiest answers. If Dennis were to pick anyone else, he would be a fool. At the end of the question-and-answer session, Zane, the resort’s hostess, asked, “So Dennis, who will it be? Bachelorette Number One, Bachelorette Number Two, or Bachelorette Number Three?”

After Dennis picked Noreen, the other two women came out to meet him. He didn’t seem wholly disappointed that he didn’t pick the other contestants. He gave them both a perfunctory kiss on the cheek before they went on their way.

When Noreen came from behind the partition to meet Dennis, the crowd was momentarily hushed. It was as if now that they were standing next to each other, the crowd could finally see how they each opposed the other’s physical appearance.

For his part, Dennis smiled and held his arms out to welcome Noreen in a warm embrace.
Noreen’s response was not as warm. As she allowed herself to be hugged by Dennis, she looked over his shoulder at her two friends. They did not look back in her direction. Instead they acted as if they were in some very interesting conversation with one another. Noreen gave a dirty look in their direction and then pulled away from Dennis’s grasp.

Zane announced that their prize for participating in the game was a private lunch at the most exclusive restaurant at the resort. Everyone clapped their approval as the pool crowd started to dissipate. Now that Dennis and Noreen were left to be with each other without the benefit of a hundred onlookers, Dennis voiced his mind.

“Hmm, not too pleased with what’s behind door number one, huh?”

Noreen seemed shaken out of her thoughts by Dennis’s voice.

“Pardon me?”

“I must not be exactly what you expected.”

“I have to be honest with you, Dennis, and mind you, I never judge a book by its cover, but I’m not sure that we’re at all compatible.”

“Compatible? I see. Am I too short? Too skinny? Too lightskinned? Which one is it?” Dennis smiled good-naturedly.

“Yeah, that’s it.” Noreen made an awkward face.

“Whoa! All of the above, huh?”

Noreen shook her head yes, and folded her arms against her chest, uncomfortably shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

“No problem, I feel you,” Dennis said, raising his hands to chest level, as if to ward off a blow.

“But there is still the issue of a special lobster lunch. The all-inclusive buffet is alright, but I don’t eat lobster enough to just throw away this opportunity.”

Noreen wrinkled her nose as if she had just smelled something fishy, but then decided to put her own prejudice against thin men down for a second.

“You certainly make a good point… Dennis, right?”

Dennis smiled at her and nodded slowly, not wanting to scare Noreen away with too much enthusiasm.

“All right, Dennis, let’s do lunch.”

Dennis’s smile widened showing his perfectly white teeth and a pair of abnormally long canines for the first time. Noreen made a note of that slight oddity and tried not to stare.

“Great, if we go right now, we can be seated and enjoying lunch, and more of each other’s company in about fifteen minutes.”

Noreen wanted to go over to her friends and give them a piece of her mind, but let the thought go. She could feel them looking at her and Dennis from across the pool. They were probably laughing themselves silly with their little prank. She thought it would be better to let them think it didn’t faze her. Or if they knew better than that, then at least she could keep them in suspense over when she was going to give it to them good.

Dennis put his arm out for her to take a hold of and she grasped it, hesitating only slightly before looping her arm through his. Noreen held her head high and found her most regal and dignified gait. She heard her two friends laugh uproariously as she took a few more steps and she couldn’t help herself anymore. She turned around and shook her fist at them as Dennis continued to lead her out of the pool area. The women laughed harder. They knew they were in for it, but they were enjoying their moment of triumph.


This was going to be Noreen’s fourth date with Dennis. Kat and Dahlia were in the room with her as she prepared to go out for her last night at Hedonism.

“What the hell is it about this guy that’s so special again?” Kat asked.

“I told you before, I don’t know. He’s just different.” Noreen was irritated that she didn’t have a better explanation.

“I know what it is,” Dahlia offered. Both Noreen and Kat turned to her at the same time.

“It’s the fact that he hasn’t tried to do anything with you yet. You’re obsessed with the fact that he hasn’t tried to get into your panties by now—and here at Hedonism, no less. My girl couldn’t get laid in the only resort where anybody that wants to get laid, will get laid.”

“Please, that is so not true. We have kissed.”

“Listen to her. ‘We have kissed,’” Dahlia mocked Noreen.

“This from a woman that drags me all over New York checking out all of the hot spots for guaranteed love connections. If I thought you were getting any, I’d say you were dick whipped.”

“For your information, if I really wanted to, I would have already had him in my bed.”

“Uh-uh, not in this bed, you wouldn’t,” Dahlia said, bouncing heavily on Noreen’s disheveled bed.
“I am not sleeping out by the pool like you had me do when we were in Cancun. Hell no! Not this time!”

“I did not have you sleeping by the pool in Cancun.”

“Like hell you didn’t. You left the dance floor with that big doofy guy you met. Darren or Derrick or…”


“Darrell. That was his name. I get back to the room, by myself, and I hear all kinds of animal noises going on.”

Dahlia made her voice deep and gruff and added a Southern drawl for her imitation of Darrell. “Slow down, baby, slow down. Oh damn! I didn’t know it was going to be like that.”

All three women cracked up at Dahlia’s imitation.

“He wasn’t that bad. He was kind of cute,” Noreen tried to explain.

“Well, cute or not, I am not spending my last night out by the pool.”

“I’ll tell you what,” Kat said. “I’ve got the single room, so if any of us feels like we want to be alone with a guy, we’ll just use my room, okay.”

“Okay with me,” Noreen said.

“Of course it’s okay with you. I know I’m not sleeping with anybody I meet tonight.”

“Me neither,” Kat agreed.

“Well, I guess you can give me the keys now then,” Noreen suggested.

“’Cause tonight is definitely the night.”

“You don’t mind me bunking with you, do you, Dahlia?” Kat asked, as she handed the keys over to Noreen.

“As long as you don’t snore, I don’t mind.”

Kat gave her a sideways glance.

“You do snore, don’t you?” Dahlia accused her. Kat nodded matter-of-factly.

“Dammit, I can’t get a break.”

“Well, you grind your teeth,” Noreen said.

“I do not.” Dahlia was indignant.

“Please, you grind your teeth so much, I’m surprised you have any left.”

“I do?” Dahlia looked heartbroken.

“It’s no big deal, just another little Piccadilly for your great personality. We all have those little idiosyncrasies that make us special,” Noreen said with a honey-dipped voice.

Dahlia didn’t think it was so special. She didn’t need another flaw to make her feel even more inferior to everybody else.

When the girls reached the club, the party was in full swing. Everybody was letting it all hang out for the last day at the resort. Dennis met them at the door and he immediately swept Noreen out onto the dance floor.

It took Kat and Dahlia a drink and a trip to ladies room before they were asked to dance. The men who asked them were not the finest men in the place, but luckily or maybe because of the way they carried themselves, the men were no losers. Both men were handsome with average builds. They came over to Kat and Dahlia together as if it were planned. Like women they figured that there was safety in numbers and less likelihood of rejection. The girls were just glad that the men were not fat. They both hated when fat men thought that they were what big women were supposed to end up with.

After a few dances and just as many drinks, Noreen coaxed Dennis out to a secluded grove outside of the club. They kissed passionately, touching each other’s faces tenderly for several minutes before Noreen took him by the hand and tried to lead him toward Kat’s room.

“Where are we going?” he said, stopping abruptly before they went more than a few yards.

“To my room.” Noreen smiled devilishly.

Dennis looked up into the night sky as if trying to figure out the mystery of the heavens before he looked back into Noreen’s eyes.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” he finally said.

Noreen blew out an exasperated breath.

“Are you gay?” she said in annoyance.

“What? Gay? No! I’m not gay. Whatever gave you an idea like that?”

“Whatever gave me an idea like that? You gave me an idea like that. I’ve done everything but smack you with it and you won’t even try to touch me below the waist.”

“That doesn’t mean I’m gay.”

“Well, what does it mean, Dennis, ’cause I’m all out of answers to that question.”

Dennis looked at Noreen closely, gauging what she might accept.

“I just don’t have sex that often, that’s all,” he finally said, looking at the ground.

Noreen had been holding her breath for a moment and when she heard his explanation, she let it out easily. She smiled, feeling better that he hadn’t said that he had some disease or that he had someone else back home.

“Is that all?” she responded, reaching out for him and squeezing him about the waist.

“You’re just a little shy because you don’t have sex often.”

“No, that’s not it.” He wriggled out of her grasp uncomfortably.

“Then what?” Noreen was once again annoyed.

“I’m not shy, Noreen.”

“You could have fooled me.”

“I just don’t want to hurt you, is all.”

“Hurt me? I thought you said you don’t have anyone else in your life.”

“I don’t.”

“Well, what is it? Are you embarrassed to be seen with me?”

“Don’t get crazy, we’ve been with each other all week, we look good together.”

Noreen had a different opinion on that subject, but did not bother to elaborate on her own feelings.

“Well?” Noreen said, waiting with her hands on her hips.

Dennis mumbled something under his breath that sounded like, I’m going to be sick.

“What? You’re going to be sick?” Noreen was suddenly more concerned.

Dennis shook his head.

“No, no.”

“Then what Dennis, what is it?”

“I’ve got a big dick,” he said, raising his eyes to meet hers.

Oh no the hell he didn’t. This motherfucker did not just say, ‘I’ve got a big dick.’

“You’ve got a what?”

“I’ve got a big dick.”

“I heard what you said. I just wanted to make sure my ears weren’t deceiving me. You’ve got a big dick. That’s what all the secrecy is about? That’s the reason you won’t touch me below the waist? That’s the reason you won’t go to my room with me? I have heard some lame-ass excuses before, but that has got to be the funniest shit I’ve heard yet.”

“Noreen, you don’t understand.”

“Oh I understand.” Another man with delusions of grandeur, she thought.

“No, I don’t think you understand. I put the last two women I was with in the hospital.”

“Uh-huh, I see.”

“No, you don’t see. I’m not kidding, I’m really big.”

Noreen stopped for a second and slowly allowed her gaze to go downward toward Dennis’s crotch for the first time. She tried to remember the pants that he had worn since she’d met him. He had been wearing long shorts, down to his knees, on the day they had met. During the evenings his pants had always been baggy. She assumed that he wore baggy pants because he was thin and wanted to give the illusion that he was bigger than he actually was.

“Let me see it.”


“I said, let me see it.”

“Right here, right now?”

“Yeah, right here and right now.”

Dennis looked around the surrounding area and then shook his head no. “Not here,” he said. “Maybe if we go to your room ...”

“Okay, let’s go to my room.” Noreen thought this was turning out to be more trouble than it was worth. She had played this game with men before. That is, the game where men try to make you believe that they’re not really into you in a sexual way, so that you’ll be more intrigued and go after them more aggressively.

Noreen opened the door to Kat’s room. It was no different to the room that she and Dahlia shared, except that it had a king-sized bed in the middle of the room instead of the two double beds on opposite sides. The maid had cleaned the room so that everything was in its proper place. Generically speaking, this room could have belonged to anyone.

Noreen held the door open for Dennis, who appeared as if he were more than just a little reluctant. When he finally entered, Noreen quickly closed the door behind him.

“Okay, let’s see what you’ve got,” she said, choosing to bypass the formalities of foreplay. Having dated nothing but big men as an adult she had seen many big penises. It wasn’t true that all big men with big feet had big penises, but it was common enough that she’d seen her share of them. It could also be said that if a man had a big penis, it would be common for him to brag about it or at the least be very proud of it. Dennis was taking another path to show off how well he was endowed, but like any man, he was only trying to set a better stage for his display, Noreen thought.

“Before I show you, you have to promise me something.”

“What?” Noreen asked, now sure that he had set up this entire scenario for this promise that he was going to try to extricate from her.

“You have to promise that you’ll still see me, even after I show you.”

Noreen didn’t know what she expected, but she certainly hadn’t expected this.

“Okay.” She was trying to get on with it.

“No, you have to promise.”

He was really taking this thing too far, but Noreen went along.

“All right, all right, I promise.”

Dennis unbuckled his pants and unzipped his zipper. He proceeded to pull down his pants and Noreen almost started to laugh. He had on boxers that were at least four sizes too big for him. The elastic on the waist was so wide that he needed the help of a large safety pin. Dennis pushed his pants down to mid thigh and then wriggled his waist a little to make them fall around his ankle. Now Noreen couldn’t help but smile a little. Dennis looked ridiculous in his underwear. The diamond pattern reminded Noreen of her five-year-old nephew’s pajamas. They went so far past his knees they could almost be capris. Dennis looked embarrassed as he started to fiddle with the safety pin. He was having problems undoing it.

“Here, let me help you,” Noreen offered, taking a step toward him.

“I can do it.” Dennis turned around to keep Noreen from getting to his waist. Noreen waited impatiently for a moment and Dennis finally said, “There, I got it.”

Dennis turned back toward Noreen with the elastic of his underwear held up daintily between his right thumb and forefinger. Dennis looked Noreen in the eyes.

“Please, just don’t run.”

This guy’s got jokes, Noreen thought.

“Well…” She threw up her hands impatiently.

Without further ado, Dennis let go of the elastic. Noreen was looking at his groin area at the exact time that he let the underwear drop. She was definitely not prepared for what she saw.

“What the fu…?”

She couldn’t complete any of the words or the sentence that came to her mind as she took a step back out of a sudden fright. Dennis took a step forward.

“Don’t,” was all he was able to say as he tripped over the pants and underwear around his ankle. He caught himself against the dresser and righted himself quickly before he fell. Before Noreen could say anything else, Dennis picked his underwear up to his waist along with his pants. He didn’t bother trying to put the safety pin back on. Noreen watched him scramble to get himself together and fought with herself not to run out the door. She had seen some big penises in her life, but what she had just witnessed scared the shit out of her. She was as surprised as Dennis when she heard herself saying, “Wait. Don’t put it away.”

Noreen stepped in front of Dennis and put her hands over his as he tried to cinch his belt. Dennis didn’t struggle with her. He let his hands come away, accepting hers in their place. Noreen prided herself on facing and overcoming all of her fears. That’s why she always went hard, when anyone tried to keep her from the things that she desired. Noreen took a deep breath in an attempt to get over her initial anxiety at seeing Dennis’s monstrous member and then undid his pants again. When she let the pants waist go, the underwear slid down with them, exposing his huge organ to the brisk climate of the air conditioned room. Noreen thought she saw it twitch and slowly reached out to touch the cable-sized vein that traveled the length of it. Dennis flinched when she touched it and now she definitely knew it had twitched.

“My God, Dennis, how big is it?”

Noreen reached down with both hands and held it one hand over the other, trying to hold it like a baseball bat. Noreen knew she had big hands for a woman, she had held Dennis’s hands a few times and hers were larger. She wondered how he held it, as her own hands found it awkward to handle.

“It’s about sixteen inches long.”

“Sixteen inches long, flaccid?”

“Yes, but it doesn’t get much longer when it’s hard. Only about another two inches. The problem is, it gets thicker, a lot thicker.”

“It’s already as thick as my wrist.”

“Yeah,” was all Dennis could muster, as he felt himself starting to swell in Noreen’s hands. She stared into her hands mesmerized by how hard the penis was becoming. The head had swelled to the size of a Granny Smith apple, and started to leak clear fluid. Noreen couldn’t help herself. She wanted to know just how big this monster could get.

“Please don’t, I don’t know if I can stop.”

“Sshhh, just close your eyes, baby. You don’t have to stop. I’m going to take good care of you.”
Noreen’s voice was hypnotic and Dennis slowly closed his eyes. Noreen stroked, pulled and tugged on the enormous appendage as best she could and was starting to become afraid that it would never stop growing. Her fascination overwhelmed her fear and she continued with her mission. Her awkward strokes were causing larger amounts of pre-seminal fluids to leak from Dennis, and she used that to lubricate the head. She allowed her palm to cover the two-inch-long slit in the crown, again and again, coming away with moisture to soak the shaft. It wasn’t going to be nearly enough to cover its entirety, but from the look of ecstasy on his face, Dennis wasn’t going to last much longer anyway.

The look on Dennis’s face made Noreen feel good. She prided herself on being able to satisfy any man, and this would be her masterpiece, her pièce de résistance, as it were. Noreen had the urge to let her head go down and lick some of the pre-cum from the crown, but remembered that she had never spoken to Dennis regarding his health status. Damn, I want to lick it so bad. Noreen threw caution to the wind and started to bend her head toward the dick head anyway. Ah shit, but she was too late. Dennis was already cumming. Rope after rope of sperm arced out of the thick spongy head. Noreen put both hands around the crown and continued to massage. She was trying to get the last vestiges of cum out of him. Dennis was shaking from head to toe, and it was making Noreen hot to watch. It wasn’t going to be enough for her to just lick. Now she wanted to feel that monster inside her. Dennis opened his eyes. They were wild with fulfilled lust. Noreen pushed him and he allowed himself to land easily onto the king-sized bed.

“I’ll be right back,” she said. Dennis couldn’t get to his feet fast enough to stop her. Instead, he called out to her as she reached the door.

“Where are you going?”

“I have to get a condom.”

“No, condoms don’t fit me,” he called out.

Dennis knew she had heard him, but she never slowed down. Two minutes later, she opened the door and slammed it shut behind her. Dennis was still in the same position sprawled on the bed. He hadn’t bothered to try to put his penis away.

Before tonight he hadn’t had sex in more than six months. His penis was still hard and there was no way it was going to fit back into his pants.

“What’s that?”

Noreen put a small plastic package to her teeth and ripped it open.

“It’s a female condom,” Noreen answered. She was already on her knees in front of him trying to fit it over the head.

“It’s supposed to go inside of the woman,” she said, grunting to stretch the rubber over the head, “but in your case, I think it might just work this way.” It took her a minute, but she was finally able to get the rubber sheath over the head and halfway down the shaft of his penis. That would have to suffice.

Dennis looked up at Noreen as she shimmied quickly out of her panties. He watched as her big beautiful ass rippled with its own weight. She pulled her dress over her head and he was surprised by the size of her breasts. He hadn’t thought they would be as large as he now saw.

“My God, you’re beautiful,” he said.

“Not too big?”

Noreen was fishing for compliments; she loved hearing the voice of a man that truly adored her. She knew Dennis was attracted to big women from the start.

Before he could answer she was up on the bed with both feet flat on either side of his hips. She already had the blunt head of his dick at the entrance to her wet vagina. He didn’t want to spoil it and just shook his head no.

Noreen gritted her teeth and let her knees give way. Lights exploded in her head.

When the girls picked her up from the resort clinic the next morning, she had an ice pack between her legs.

Their plane was leaving at one o’clock in the afternoon. They had to leave the resort by eleven thirty. It was only eight, so they decided to have breakfast before starting to pack.

During breakfast Noreen explained to them what had happened. She and Dennis had tried to have sex all night long, in vain. The head would just not fit into her small vagina. At one point they had gotten a fraction of it into her, and she had just rubbed herself back and forth until she came. Dennis had been a gentleman the whole night. He let her try over and over again, all the while content to just nibble on her breasts and kiss her clit. She had cum a second time while banging the head continuously into the opening of her already raw pussy. Her orgasm was so strong that she lost consciousness. When she awoke in the morning, Dennis was gone and she was so swollen that she went straight to the resort clinic. The resort doctor had a suite that was connected to his office and saw her right away. Apparently this sort of morning visit was common. It was after she was treated that Noreen called the girls.

Dahlia and Kat didn’t laugh at Noreen openly. They waited until she was in the shower, then they cracked up. Noreen heard them as she soaped and took her time rinsing to give them time to get it out of their systems.

At the airport, Dennis found Noreen and apologized for leaving the room without saying good-bye. He explained that he had gone to his room to shower and change clothes and when he returned to the room she was no longer there.

“I was worried about you, No. Where did you go?”

Noreen’s family and very close friends were the only ones that shortened her name like that. She sort of liked the easy way that Dennis did it, too. Noreen forgave him and they made plans to see each other in the States. Dennis lived in New Jersey and worked in Manhattan. Noreen liked him enough to continue to see him. She had already thought he was a special man; after last night she knew just how special.

On the plane Dahlia graciously switched seats with Dennis so that he could sit with Noreen. It was a relief. Those seats weren’t made for two voluptuous women to sit together.

Dahlia was enjoying her second plane meal. The cute man sitting next to her didn’t want his. He watched as she finished off the meal, then the dessert. She tried to start a conversation with him after she finished, but he seemed to want to doze. She stopped trying and closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Kat was in first class alone. She thought about her son and how she missed him. Her mother and he would be picking her up at the airport. She hadn’t gotten laid at the resort, but it didn’t bother her. She had made two good friends.

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