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Excerpt from Another Time, Another Place Edited by Zane


Turn up the heat with five sensual novellas that take the readers on a wild ride of stimulation.
Led and edited by the New York Times bestselling author Zane, Another Time, Another Place transports sensuous and steamy encounters across the world and through history. From when the pharaohs ruled, to the forbidden romances in the time of the Vietnam War, to a future where technology has reshaped the meaning and making of love, this anthology showcases the popular talents of contributors such as Rique Johnson, Dywane D. Birch, and more.
Readers explore the many cultures and traditions that have shaped the concept of romance. These five novellas takes readers to places they've only imagined before, fleshing out the sizzling detail and proving a satisfying read in the tradition of such runaway favorite anthologies as Chocolate Flava and
With its lush settings and a taste for the unknown, Another Time, Another Place is a treat for the adventurous soul. This delicious collection, featuring five of the hottest African-American authors today, brings whole new worlds to life.

Another Time, Another Place

November 12, 1986
Dear Diary,
His dick was curved. Not a huge curve but just curved enough to work my pussy in all the right spots. I licked it last night, like it was the most delicious chocolate ice cream cone in the world. No, not a cone, a popsicle with chocolate on the outside and vanilla cream on the inside. I was standing on a balcony; the wind blowing the curtains outward and teasing my hair as I overlooked the skyline. I could sense his presence as he walked—no, glided—up behind me. I could smell his cologne. Mmm, he smelled like heaven. He was wearing all white. A doubled-breasted suit with no shirt. His chest was chiseled; like the rest of him. His skin was moistened; his deep dark skin. His bald head was shaved smooth, like his face, and his thick lips encased perfectly straight white teeth.
“Did you miss me?” he whispered in my ear, after joining me on the balcony.
I could not answer. I only managed a whimper. My entire body, from the soles of my feet to the tips of my fingers to the baby fine hair of my pussy was calling out his name. Strange as this is, I still do not know his name. I know every inch of his body; his voice; his dick, but not his name.
He comes to me every night now; no matter what city I am in, no matter what time zone. I cannot wait to get through the performances at work so I can rush to be with him. Our favorite fucking song is “Do Me Baby” by Prince, followed by “Fire and Desire” by Rick James and Teena Marie. Both of those songs make me so fucking hot. My pussy gets hotter than the flames of hell.
He always gives me a serious dick down. He eats my pussy until I detonate all over his tongue. It is such an amazing feeling. I only wish that I could fuck him twenty-four seven, but life intervenes. If I could I would walk around with his dick in my ass; in my pussy; in my mouth. Ooh, yes, definitely in my mouth.
Damn, I am getting fired up just writing this. I hope he comes back tonight, so we can “cum together” and fornicate under the consent of the king. I know he’ll be here. I need to go bathe and get ready for him, so he can bury his dick into me balls deep and put me to sleep like a baby.

Negril, Jamaica
September 1987

“Man, there are a ton of fine women over here,” Mike said to me as we headed to the beach in the late afternoon. “We should have had our asses over here years ago.”
“You are such a pussy hound.” I swatted him on the back with my beach towel. “We’re here to relax and take a break from a hectic work schedule. Not to get laid.”
“Shit, you might not be here to get laid, but I am. I’m trying to see as much pink meat as I can before we head back next week.”
“You are so damn nasty. Better watch out with these Jamaican women. You might try to fuck one that has a man slinging a machete. Then the only color you’ll be seeing is red.”
Mike waved me off and started flexing his muscles. “Aleck, please. I know how to handle any motherfucking thing that comes my way.” He pointed in the direction of three women sitting on lounge chairs near the tip of the ocean. “Damn, check them hookers out.”
“They’re not hookers.” Mike really disgusted me sometimes, with the way he referred to women. I glanced at the women and all of them were drop dead gorgeous. “They don’t look Jamaican. They’re probably vacationing here from the States; like us.”
“That’s even better. We can fuck them over here and then collect some more ass when we get back Stateside. I have a shit load of frequent flyer miles. I hope they live in one of the cities where Delta flies. “
I chuckled. “I see that you’ve got it all figured out.”
Mike rubbed his chin and gloated. “I always do, my man.”
“What about Candace?”
“Who?” Mike asked sarcastically.
“Candace? Your wife?”
“Oh, her…” Mike sighed. “Look, Aleck. I realize you think that I’m wrong for cheating on Candace but she knew what she was getting when she walked down the aisle. I’m a man and men are going to do what men do. Candace saw that writing all over the wall. Shit, I practically spelled it out for her. Like most women, she decided that my feelings were more important than her self-respect and I ain’t mad at her.”
“I don’t believe in cheating.”
“Yeah, well, that’s you. I am an All-American man and I will not live my life dedicated to one pussy; not even if it’s made out of Kryptonite.”
There was no use in continuing that discussion. There was no way that Mike was going to miraculously grow a conscience; not in Jamaica with half-naked women everywhere. Besides, he was right. Candace realized what she was getting into. Mike had disrespecting her time and time again while they were dating. Despite everyone warning her to move on, she was determined to get him down the aisle. Sure, on the surface he was a good man; a good provider. The ugly truth was hidden underneath the fancy six-bedroom home, the Jaguar and Mercedes, and the limitless spending sprees Candace got to enjoy.
Even though the sun was about to go down, the sand was still piping hot between my toes. “Damn, it’s hot out here.”
“We’re in Jamaica, fool,” Mike said, continuing the topic I had decided to drop. “And don’t even go there about cheating. You’ve cheated plenty of times. You forget; we go way back.”
“Exactly; way back. I cheated on sisters in college but I have outgrown that since then. I believe in honesty and if I’m not feeling a woman enough to be with her and only her, then I tell her straight up and let her make an informed decision.”
Mike laughed. “Maybe that’s why you don’t currently have a woman. Fuck that honesty nonsense. Women can’t handle the truth.”
I hated to admit it to myself but Mike did somewhat have a valid point. Every time I tried to tell a woman that I was feeling her but not yet in love, they would get offended. All the women that I met tended to want to go from casual dating to shacking up or getting engaged in less than six months. At the age of 29, I had only had one close brush with marriage but Brenda decided that she wanted to get back with her high school sweetheart. That practically destroyed my faith in women but I continued to date—in protect mode.
It had been hard for anyone to break down that barrier for nearly seven years. I had doubt that I would find a woman who could be my complete package. Then we walked up on those three women so Mike could make his move and the one in the red bikini instantly made me think twice.

My heart skipped a beat; then it fluttered. It was the man from my fantasies—all my sexual fantasies. He was wearing black swim trunks and walking toward us with another man in a pair of blue. They were both attractive but the one in the black…I couldn’t believe it was really him.
“Humph, do you see what I see?” Nancy whispered and then poked me and Calibri in the arms, in that order. She was sitting between us but she sat up slightly so she could get a better look. “Here comes some of that Jamaican mandingo meat.”
Calibri giggled. “They don’t look Jamaican but they do look damn good. I hope they’re single.”
I did not say a word. I was still in a state of euphoria. For nearly a year, I had been experiencing these crazy fantasies and masturbating myself into a frenzy over a man in my dreams—the one now walking in the sand less than a hundred feet away.
As they got closer, Nancy started smoothing down her short hair and repositioning her tits in her white crocheted bikini top. “I want the one in the black. No, the one in the blue. Shit, I’m undecided.”
Calibri said, “Calm yourself down. For all you know, they might not even want you.”
Nancy got offended and glared at Calibri. “What man wouldn’t want all this?”
Nancy had recently gotten a breast augmentation and had gone from 36 A’s to 36 D’s and you could not tell her that she was not God’s gift to man.
“Hello, ladies,” the one in the blue trunks said as they grew nearer. “Enjoying yourselves out on this lovely beach?”
“Things are definitely looking up,” Nancy said, jumping up and extended her hand. “Hey, I’m Nancy.”
The guy took her hand and kissed her knuckles. “I’m Mike.” He pointed to his friend, who I had made eye contact with and we were staring each other down. “This is my buddy, Aleck.”
Mike was about 5’9”, light-skinned with amber eyes and a great build. But, he was not my type. Aleck was around 6’4”, dark as midnight and bald and he had the darkest, most alluring eyes. Damn, he was definitely the man from my dreams.
Nancy pushed her breasts out at Mike. He seemed disinterested in them and pointed at Calibri and me. “Are these your friends?”
After sighing and making a show of it by putting her hands on her hips, Nancy said, “Yes, we’re from Los Angeles. And you?”
“We’re from the D.C. area,” Mike said.
It did not escape any of us that she did not bother giving our names so Calibri chimed in. “I’m Calibri and that’s Kiss.”
“Kiss?” the one named Aleck exclaimed, still staring at me. “As in K-I-S-S?”
“Yes,” I replied, getting up off my lounger and brushing the sand off me. “My daddy said he fell in love with my mother during their first kiss, so it’s kind of an inside joke.”
Aleck looked my body up and down. I was doing the same damn thing to his. “Well, it’s a nice joke. I’ve never met someone named Kiss before. It’s definitely unique.”
Calibri had stood up, without me even noticing it, until she rested her arm on my shoulder. “Kiss is a unique woman all around. Tell him what you do for a living,” she chided.
Mike looked at me with interest then. “What do you do, Kiss?”
I knocked Calibri’s arm off my shoulder. “I hate you.” We both laughed. “I’m a clown and I’m proud of it.”
“A clown?” the two men exclaimed in unison.
“Yes, like as in a circus clown,” I stated, used to the reaction from people. “It’s a family tradition.”
“Both of her parents are with the circus,” Nancy said, like it was a crime. “Her dad is the ringmaster and her mother is a trapeze artist.”
“Wow, I didn’t know that there were many black people in…” Mike started to say.
I interrupted him. “There are not that many but it’s what I do. Got a problem with it?”
Aleck crossed his arms and smiled. He was too fine. “I think it’s cool.”
“Baby, if you like it, I love it!” Mike yelled out. “As fine as you are, I bet you look sexy as all get out in a clown suit. I’ve never gotten it on with a clown before.”
“No, you just act like one every time you open your mouth,” Aleck remarked.
“Whatever, man.” Mike shot him a wicked look. “So, are you ladies busy this evening?”
“I’m available.” Nancy moved closer to him to make sure he understood the ramifications of her statement.
He seemed turned off. “What about you, Calibri and Kiss?”
Calibri responded. “We don’t have any major plans. We were just going to dine by the water back at our hotel.”
“Where are you staying?” Aleck asked. “We’re at the Ritz-Carlton.”
“So are we,” I said. “Great place.”
“It’s off the chain,” Aleck added.
There was definitely a chemistry between us. Little did he know that I had already fucked him in my imagination hundreds of times.

A clown named Kiss, I thought as I showered and prepared for an evening of promise. The only downside was that she was from Los Angeles and I resided in Washington, DC; a recent implant from Atlanta. Since she’s with a circus, that has to mean she travels constantly, which could be an upside or a downside depending on how I look at it. Hopefully the circus heads East and I can see her often. On the flip side, she might be so tied up with work that she’ll have no time for me. Then again, she is in Jamaica on vacation.
“Stop it!” I warned myself out loud. “You just met the woman!”
I finished rinsing the lather off me, got out the shower and began to get dressed. I chose a white linen casual suit, no shirt to show off my pectoral muscles, and a pair of black sandals. Mike had recently convinced me to start getting pedicures. He said that men with smooth feet and shiny, clipped nails turned women on. Since my feet had seen better days, I decided to get one biweekly a couple of months before we headed to Jamaica.
Kiss was fine. She was about 5’6” and thick. I loved a woman who fit comfortable into a size fourteen. She had a flat stomach though but the hips, thighs and chest were on point enough to sport that red bikini. She had mocha skin, smooth like a baby’s, and dark brown eyes. Yes, I was definitely feeling her—to the point where it almost frightened me. It was like déjà vu. Like I had known her someplace before. That was crazy. I had experienced my share of one night stands in my younger years but I would have never have forgotten her.
Mike, that fool, would forget a woman in a heartbeat. I was so embarrassed one night while we were clubbing on the DC waterfront. He spotted a woman and walked her to her, proclaiming, “You’re going to have to help me out here. I remember the pussy but I don’t remember the name.”
I was so embarrassed but surprisingly, instead of slapping the living daylights out of him, the woman laughed and seemingly found it flattering. For the next two minutes, Mike tossed out name after name until she finally revealed that she was Jackie. They flirted for a good thirty minutes before her friend, who obviously did not find the situation amusing at all, said she was tired and ready to go. Mike got the digits—again—and then ended up fucking her the next night and never called her again.
I never believed in being disrespectful to women, being that I came from a single mother home and I have five sisters. If any man ever spoke to my mother or one of my sisters that way, they would be eating teeth mixed with blood. That was part of the reason why I was sort of stressing the upcoming dinner with Kiss and her friends. I wanted her—badly—but I did not want to come off the wrong way. I realize that a lot of people vacation in the islands to get laid but that was not my purpose at all. Mike and I had been working on a crazy schedule for months, trying to lock down a merger deal with a competing corporation. We were the crème de la crème of financial analysts but we also put in a lot of hours.
The only jacked up thing about meeting someone on vacation is that if you want to pursue something other than sex, it is difficult. Even though I had not been in a bona fide relationship for a long time, I was already hoping for something long-term with Kiss. Never one to believe in the proverbial “love at first sight,” I now found myself contemplating if that was actually possible.
Men do think differently from women so I was already assuming that in order to see her again after we left Jamaica for our respective hometowns, I would have to lay some sex on her that she would never forget. Otherwise, why would she even pursue it? Ultimately women can claim otherwise all they want to but sex is an integrate part of a relationship to them and they want a man who can blow their back out. I was going to have to prove myself worthy or forget about it.
Women might worry about their bodies when it comes time to have sex but men have a lot of worries. Will our dick be big enough for the sister? Will we even be able to get the damn thing up? Will we be able to perform over and over again? Will we have enough stamina to wear her out? Will we serve up better dick service than every man who came before us?
I finished dressing and went down the hallway to knock on Mike’s door. He and Candace had been married for going on five years and had two sons. He stopped wearing his wedding ring by year two, claiming it was too tight, but that was a lie. Candace did not seem to care, as long as she could lay claim to having a husband and a family. Many women feel that way but they are selling themselves short. Mike would nail anything he could and I was not surprised when a Jamaican maid, half-clothed, opened his hotel room door instead of him.
“He be ready in a minute,” she said with her accent, walking into a disheveled room that reeked of sex. “He in da bathroom.”
I could make out the smell of soap, mixed with pussy from the bed, and was glad that Mike had at least washed his ass. He came prancing out the bathroom a moment later, dressed in black linen pants and a tan island shirt.
“Let’s roll, man.” He looked at the maid. “Honey, can you change my sheets and tidy up the room before you leave?” He rubbed her on the head, like she was a puppy. “Thanks, Ma.”
“Me see you later?” she asked.
“We’ll see,” he said hesitantly. “I know where to find you, sugar.”
She grinned from ear to ear, thinking that Mike was going to lay up with her again during our vacation. There was zero chance of that. Mike was not looking for love. He was searching for pussy and Calibri or Nancy was next on his list. I had made it perfectly clear to him that Kiss was off limits and that he better not even zero in on her direction. That was another thing that I felt bad about; her unsuspecting friends. I had been alive long enough to know that women often held men responsible for the actions of their friends. Rarely did it work the other way. I had dated plenty of women whose “associates” had dogged over one of my boys but I never made them feel bad about it. Let a man dog out a sister and all his friends are immediately just as guilty.
Part of me wanted to convince Mike to simply go to dinner and not try to sleep with one of Kiss’ friends but he would never go for that. His mind was made up; more than likely on trying to bed Calibri. Mike did not like aggressive women and Nancy looked like she was ready to fuck both of us on sight. Mike liked the challenge of obtaining the pussy. Even that maid had probably played hard to get at first but he had eventually gotten the drawers and now she had been tossed into the pile of past notions.
“That pussy was a nice appetizer,” Mike bragged as we descended on the elevator to meet the ladies in the lobby. “Now I’m ready for the main course. I wonder if I can get a two-for-one deal tonight. Too bad they’re leaving tomorrow. If I had until we leave next week, I most definitely would fuck them both. Tonight’s going to be a challenge, but I’m up for it.”
I smirked. “I seriously doubt that. You might not get any play at all, so don’t be surprised. Haven’t you had enough sex for one night?”
“Hell no!” Mike exclaimed. “If there was only one chick as an option, then I might not want to bang her again, but I’m always down for new meat.”
“That’s all women are to you, huh? Meat?” I shook my head. “Did you talk to your wife?”
“Yes, I damn sure did,” he replied, “and she loves me to death, my sons are fine, and you can drop the guilt trip act. I’m enjoying myself and you know how I am. You need to take a note from my book and enjoy life.”
“I do enjoy my life, Mike. I just don’t feel like my dick has to regulate it for me.”
It was his turn to smirk at me. “Yeah, right. I saw the way you were looking at Kiss earlier. You know you want to salute her with your wing-wang tonight. If you play your cards right, you might get lucky.” As the elevator doors opened, he added, “Damn, I wish that I could make it with a clown. That’s a new one.”

When they walked into the beachside restaurant, I wondered how a man could grow even finer within the span of a few hours. Aleck had on this white linen suit that brought out the beauty of his dark skin. He smiled as they approached us and my black thongs got wet. Then again, I had been wet all day. I had returned to my room and masturbated for an hour, fantasizing about him…being in between my thighs.
“Hey, ladies,” Mike said once they arrived at our table. “I don’t know what smells better; the food or the three of you.” He sat down next to Calibri and sniffed her neck. “What’s that scent called? Paradise?”
Calibri blushed. “Oh, you have mad game.”
“Hello, Kiss…Nancy…Calibri,” Aleck said and each word sounded poetic.
“Hey, sexy,” Nancy stated seductively. I shot her an evil glare. She would want not to even go there.
We sat in that restaurant for a good three hours; eating, laughing and drinking. That get to know you period. Nancy and Calibri started vying for Mike’s attention but it was obvious that he was down to fuck one of them, or both. It did not matter to him as long as he got some pussy. Definitely not my type of man, but Nancy and Calibri thought he was hot.
“Would you like to take a walk on the beach?” Aleck asked me out of the blue.
“Absolutely.” I got up quickly to follow him.
“Be good, or be good at it,” Nancy yelled out after us.
As we walked toward the shoreline, Aleck took my hand and nothing had ever felt so natural.
“Your friend is a trip,” I said.
“Don’t hold it against me.” He laughed. “Mike can be a character, all right.”
“Is he married?”
Aleck stopped dead in his tracks and let go of my hand. “What makes you ask that?”
“Women’s intuition. It does exist, you know.”
Aleck did not respond.
“It’s cool,” I said. “Nancy and Calibri really don’t care. They’re just here to hang out and have fun. We’re all grown.”
He stared at me. “Aren’t you going to ask me?”
“Ask you what?”
“If I’m married.”
I shrugged. “Like I said, we’re all grown.”
I could tell that he was dying to ask me if I was married. There it was, on the tip of his tongue, but he swallowed it.
“Why’d you let go of my hand?” I asked. “I was enjoying that.”
He took my hand back into his. “So, Los Angeles. Is it really as hot there as everyone claims?”
“You’ve never been to LA?”
“No, not yet. I’ve always planned to visit but just haven’t made it there.”
“Los Angeles has tricky weather. During the day it can be hotter than hell and by nighttime, you might need a parka. It’s beautiful though.”
“And obviously full of beautiful women to boot.”
“Ooooh, Aleck, you have mad game.”
We both laughed. “No, not me,” he replied. “I simply recognize beauty when I see it; both inside and out.”
There was something very sincere about Aleck; something I wanted to experience…if only for one night. I wanted to feel him inside of me. Something about him made me feel so comfortable; so unique. I decided not to waste another moment of valuable time.
“Would you like to fornicate under the consent of the king?”

At first I thought that I was hearing things. Then she said it again. “Well, Aleck, would you like to fornicate under the consent of the king? Will you make me cum?”
The smile that spread across my face could have probably lit up the sky. “Kiss, it would be my pleasure but—“
“My pleasure, too.”
I lifted her hand to my mouth and kissed her fingertips. “I want you to understand something…first.”
“What’s that?”
“I’m not ordinarily the type of man to do something like this.” She smirked and I could tell that she thought I was full of shit. “Seriously. Normally, I would never sleep with a woman on a vacation like this. I’m not the type to just bed anyone.”
“That’s nice to know.” She pointed toward the hotel with her free hand; the one holding the straps of her sandals. “Your room or mine?”
I shook my head. “That’s doesn’t matter, and you’re missing the point.”
“I understand what you’re trying to express, Aleck, and I appreciate that.” Kiss sighed. “This is not the norm for me, either. I certainly didn’t come to Jamaica to get laid, but I want you. I want you bad…tonight.”
She stood on her toes and I leaned down so she could kiss me. It was incredible, when her tongue slipped into my mouth. We kissed for at least two full minutes before we came up for air, hugging and caressing each other’s asses.
“Kiss, I really want tonight to be special,” I told her.
She started rubbing my dick through my pants. It was already throbbing and I felt like I could explode right there.
“Aleck, will you let me put it in my mouth? I want to taste you…your essence.” I was speechless. “I want us to pretend like this is our last night…not in Jamaica, but on earth. Will you take that special journey with me? Will you fuck me like there’s no tomorrow?”
“Damn!” was all that I managed to get out before she glanced up the shore toward the restaurant, where people were still laughing and drinking. Then she dropped to her knees, right there, ripped my dick out of my pants, and placed it inside her warm mouth.
“You taste so sweet, Aleck,” she whispered as she tickled the head with the tip of her tongue. “You have the nectar of royalty…of a king. Just like I always imagined.”
I had no idea what she meant by that; just like she always imagined. Nor did I care. She licked the underside of my dick and squeezed my balls gently. Then she took me inside, deep, until her bottom lip was rubbing up against the top of them. She held me there, lost in that single moment, while she tightened her jaw muscles around me. It was so pleasurable that it was almost painful. I felt something incredible, something that could only be described as pure ecstasy. This woman craved my dick in a way that most men would kill for. My only thought was that I had to find a way to make it last…beyond that night…beyond Jamaica.
She held me tightly inside her mouth for several minutes, staring up at me in the moonlight. Then she let me go.
“The perfect fit,” she said. “I want you to fuck me in all three holes tonight. Is that cool?”
I almost had to slap myself to believe this was really happening. I realized it was on and popping when she started gliding my dick in and out to imaginary music and humming on my dick like it was a fine musical instrument. She was enjoying herself and did not break her rhythm as these two men walked past us on the beach. I had not even seen them coming.
“Damn, brah, you’re lucky as shit!” one of them commented as they stood there for a minute, watching.
“Shit like this never happens to me,” the other one said.
I grabbed the back of Kiss’ head, trying to get her to ease up. “Kiss, maybe we should go up to the room,” I whispered.
She was relentless, still humming, still staring up at me, like the other dudes did not even exist.
They finally moved on, discussing how they needed to find some women—and quick—to get laid.
I exploded before I even felt it coming. It was the biggest orgasm of my natural life. Kiss still did not let my dick go; not until she had extracted every drop of semen that my body had to give. She stared at me.
I tried to fake a laugh, but I was overwhelmed with the sensation of what she had done to me. “What next?” I asked jokingly, thinking that surely I needed at least a two hour nap before I could do another damn thing.
Kiss finally released me and stood back up. She glanced at the water. The waves had started crashing up against the shore. Her chest was heaving; not from exhaustion but from excitement. She pulled down the spaghetti straps of her black dress and stepped out of it, leaving her in nothing but thongs that tied on the sides. She undid the strings and pulled them between her legs to the front. She took them and lifted them to my lips. They were wet.
“Lick them,” she whispered.
Normally licking a woman’s drawers would be unappealing to me but I was caught up. I took them from her, spread them out and licked, then sucked the crotch.
“How do I taste?”
“Like heaven.”
“Then I taste like you,” she said, grinning and then making a dash for the water.
I watched her splash around in the waves for a few seconds. Then she lifted her left breast to her mouth and flicked the tip of her tongue over her nipple. I did not think that I could get hard again so quickly but, sure enough, my dick sprung right back up to attention.
“Aleck, are you going to keep me waiting?”
I looked around, and while there was people still at the restaurant, and others walking further down the shore, I decided that I was not about to pass up an opportunity to see where she was trying to take things. I was in Jamaica and, outside of Mike, I did not know a soul anyway.

I asked Aleck if he was going to keep me waiting. He stood there looking around, probably worried that someone else would see us. Those two bastards had walked by but they were not going to deprive me from what I had yearned after for so long. I am sure they had seen their fair share of pornos, not to mention getting head themselves, so it was not a big deal to me. Granted, I had never imagined myself sucking dick in front of strangers but I was a grown woman and life is what it is.

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