Monday, July 27, 2009

I Know That I Am Eighteen But I Don't Know If I Am A Lesbian

Dear Zane,

I have never done this before, but I guess that it never hurts to try. I am kind of confused about my sexuality. I have always to guys, but now it seems that I am craving for a female. I am only eighteen and I have always been kind of attracted to women but never faced up to it. I do not want to believe the truth myself. I first realized that I like females when I was fifteen. I am not a lesbian—well, I do not think I am—nor do I think that I am straight. I am sexually confused. The crazy thing about this situation is that I have never been with a female or even done anything sexual with a female. Now that I am older, I cannot help but wonder what it would be like to be with a woman. I think that I am now more attracted to girls than I am to guys. My question is should I explore my sexuality with a woman or should I just stay with my heterosexual way?

Sexually Confused

Dear Sexually Confused,

Just because you have never been with a female does not mean that you do not want to experience it. After all, didn’t you start fantasizing about being with men before you actually did it? That is how most people start having sex in the first place, no matter what their sexual preference. They begin to crave it, yearn for it, wonder about it, and then act on it. With that being said, here is my response to you. You are only eighteen and you have your entire life in front of you to figure things out. Finding other women attractive does not define your sexuality, and you do sound very confused.

You should just live your life naturally and not rush into anything. Sexual experiences should come very naturally and should never be forced. Take your time and your emotions will speak the ultimate truth.


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Tipce said...

"Age aint nothing but a number". I'm an out and proud lesbian and it took me a while to come out but I never stopped being proud. Experiment. It never hurts you may find yourself happier in that situation. If we let life pass us by who are we really making happy. But I can say being a lesbian is not just about being sexually attracted to women. You have to embrace, love, cherish, far beyond sex with a woman.