Monday, July 27, 2009

Do You Really Even Have To Ask?

Dear Zane,

I have a question (or 2) to ask:Is it possible for a guy to have a girlfriend that he doesn't like? Is it possible for him to claim that "she won't let me break up with her"? Why would a guy stay with a girl just to avoid hurting her or having her go off if he broke up with her? I realize that some women are crazy and can't accept rejection, but how does a REAL MAN handle something like that? I ask b/c I like (or used to like) a guy that I thought was single when we hooked up. But after seeing some things I kind of figured that he was attached to someone else. He didn't actually discuss any of this with me, but his friend claims that this might be the case for him. Can you tell me how that is?

Is It Possible?

Dear Is It Possible,

You are being fed a bunch of bullshit by this man’s friend; probably at his direction. He has a woman, always had a woman, and attempted to make you his jump off. You would be a fool to even contemplate getting involved with him. No one can force someone to be in a relationship; especially a man. It is not like the woman is going to give him a beat down or anything. I seriously doubt that. Leave him to her and find someone who does not play silly games.



Anonymous said...

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