Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trying to No Avail

Dear Zane,

I will try to keep this simple. I am 28 with a 36-year-old man. We have been together on and off since 1999. I have tried everything with him; oral, anal; anything he asks for, I give to him. He constantly cheats on me. Am I doing something wrong? He gets text messages from other females and nude pictures. Whatever you can think of. I tried doing that, sending him nude pictures and videos of me masturbating. It worked for a while but then he has someone else doing it. What am I doing? Is there anything I can do to help my relationship? How else can I sexually please him so he will not stray?

Trying to No Avail

Dear Trying to No Avail,

His tendency to stray has nothing whatsoever to do with you, more than likely. If you have been with this man since 1999 and he is still teetering between commitment and fucking other women, you need to move on with a quickness. You have wasted nearly ten years on a good for nothing asshole. Let him go fuck his nude whores but you need to respect yourself and kick him to the curb. He means you no good will and if you continue with him, drama and, sooner or later, disease will follow you all the days of your life. The only thing that you can do to help your relationship is end it. If there was a possibility that you could sexually please him in a way that would prevent him from straying, that would have happened years ago.


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