Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Anal Sex and Squirting Help

Dear Zane,

I love your books. They are the shit. I started reading them when I was sixteen. I have been with my boyfriend for about three years and we have wonderful, amazing, mind-blowing sex. We are very open with each other and have been talking about trying anal sex for about a year, but I am uncomfortable with the thought of shitting all over him. From what I have heard, the only way to avoid that is not to eat for a day or so before you do it.

I was hoping your could let me know if that was a myth or not. I also need some suggestions on how to do it comfortably. Also, I was wondering if you are familiar with women cumming in very, very large amounts. I have been blessed with the ability to cum a lot, like there is a lot of liquid but it’s not thick or slimy like regular cum. It’s more like water. Do you know what kind of cumming it is or if it’s even cum at all?

Thanks for your wonderful knowledge and your eager spirit to share it with others.

Just Wondering

Dear Just Wondering:

You need to read the chapter on Anal Sex in my advice manual Dear G Spot. People who make stupid comments are the ones who have never tried it. That is definitely a myth. It is physically impossible to urinate when you are having sex and it rings similar to anal sex. However, you need to be careful to do it the right way and at the right pace, thus my suggestion of my book. There are several web sites with valuable information as well on anal sex.

You are probably what we call a “squirter” when it comes to orgasms. That is actually a good thing and it means that your body is truly releasing when you have intercourse. I would not worry about that at all.



Mz.Dirty Thirty said...

Dear Anal Sex and Squirting

You have been blessed with a talent that few women have I too have been blessed with that talent and I LOVE LOVE it do you know how many men that I have driven crazy with that squirting including my SEXPERT that I am with now it makes him nut harder just to see me squirt.

Keep squirting

from Dirty Thirty

Ms. Denise said...
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