Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Distant and Lonely

Dear Zane,

I have recently completed your book Dear G-Spot and I must say it was off the hook, but it got me thinking a lot about my current situation and if you could possibly help me out. My boyfriend and I have been together for three years and it seems like me joining the Navy has made things really hard. When I was home, he was always saying how we have been through so much and things can only get better but it seems like they have gotten worse.

I’ll email him at least five times a week talking about our future and how much I love him and all I can get back is one email with one sentence. I feel like if he doesn’t have time for me, it’s because someone else has his time. He’s back living at home and I know it’s hard for him to access the computer because of his younger cousins being addicted to MySpace, but if he loves me like he says he would make time, right? Well my question is do you think there is someone else? I know my man. He’s not the type to cheat but I also know not to put it past him. Am I over analyzing the situation? I’m currently on deployment and have a lot of time to think, but I can’t find an answer. Please help.

Distant and Lonely

Dear Distant and Lonely,

Military deployment puts a great deal of strain on a lot of relationships. It is a good possibility that your man has moved on, or is simply passing the time while you are away by being intimate with someone else. Only time will tell. I will say this: gut instincts are rarely wrong. If you feel like something is wrong, chances are there is. Reserve your judgment but protect your feelings. There is nothing much you can do over there but work and pray. Keep yourself open to others as well.



brusied but not BROKEN said...

as a military wife and me and my husband both being in the military is very hard it takes a trust and dedication that u didnt know u had but if u feel this way u should talk 2him are go w/your gut feeling

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