Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stuck With Small-Minded Men

Dear Zane,

I love your books and have learned much from them. Thank you. My problem is: I am single, no children and have moved back to my home town. There are not any available men in this town. I have a job, a home and no friends. It's not that I am unsociable. It's the females in this town. They say I act like I am better than them. It's not true. I am just a very private person. In a small town people tend to gossip about other people. I am not trying to get into other people's business. I am trying to take care of mine. All the men in this town are either felons, drug addicts, drug dealers, gay or married. The single men have no ambition, no jobs and still live with their Mothers. I have had single men tell me that they are single and a catch, "Their time is worth being paid for." Can you believe that? I have all the toys in the world but a woman needs to have a man to hold her and tell her things a vibrator can't. What can I do to find a man who is on the same page as I am?

Stuck with Small-Minded Men

Dear Stuck with Small-Minded Men,

My suggestion to you is simple. Tell the men in your hometown to kiss your ass; especially the ones who have the audacity to suggest that you pay them for their time. I am not sure where your hometown is located but I am sure that there have to be major cities within driving distance. It would be worth your time to explore the possibilities elsewhere. While I normally shy away from suggesting internet dating, in your case, you may want to see what happens and search my nearby area codes. However, let me caution you that you should not jump into anything and to be sure that you are safe. Also, ask some of your friends in other towns if they know of a decent single man. You might be surprised.



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