Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mints, Ice and Oral Sex

Dear Zane,

I really enjoy sex but haven’t mastered sucking dick. I really wanted to know how to do it with a mint and ice. I’m anxious to please my man of a year in this area because he’s so good at pleasing me. He takes the time to ask me what and how I want things done. So hopefully you can see why I want to please him. Thanking you in advance.

Out to Please My man

Dear Out to Please My Man,

The best way to use mints and ice is to simply place them in your mouth as you are doing what you normally do to your man. The sensation of heat or cold only serves to enhance the total experience for him and it is not rocket science. As for pleasing your man in general, communication is key because no two men are aroused by exactly the same things. He will be flattered that you have taken such a serious interest in his desires and, hopefully, will reciprocate those actions as well.



hopelessly in love said...

Dear out to please my man,

There are serveral books to teach you how to please him. "The Good Girl's Guide to Bad Girl Sex", is an awesome one to start. The other is just be confident watch videos alone for practice or technique. Also it may sound weird but try bananas or pickles. Try to suck them without gaging. Your man will be amazed. Try the ices or even or even listerine. Like right after you brush your teeth and gargle. It makes my man crazy!!!!

Good Luck,

Hopelessly in Love

Mz.Dirty Thirty said...

Dear Mint Ice and Oral sex

just take the time and enjoy the sex he will appreciate the fact that u are enjoying the sex and he will enjoy it more.

Mz.Dirty Thirty said...

dear out to please your man

just take your time and enjoy every moment of the sex he will appreciate you just taking the time to please him.

from "Dirty Thirty"

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