Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Prayer for Xavier

It is with a heavy heart that I ask for everyone’s prayers this Sunday morning. Yesterday, Xavier Byers, the 12-year-old son of one of my friends, was hit by a car while riding his bicycle in Kannapolis, North Carolina. After being airlifted to the trauma center in Charlotte, Xavier is now on life support and fighting for his life.

The senior citizen who hit him needs your prayers as well, as it was unintentional and my cousin prayed with him on the scene. Xavier and his friend were riding their bicycles without helmets and had he been wearing one, he would not be suffering from a swollen brain. His leg is broken in two places and his lung is bruised but his head would not be in the condition that it is in. They think that he will eventually start breathing on his own again and he does have brain activity but morphine has him highly sedated.

This reminded me of something that happened when my own son was about the same age. He and one of his friends, Kozar, decided that it was okay to ride around our neighborhood without helmets. Before they even made it off our cul-de-sac, Kozar was hit by a car and had to be airlifted to the hospital as well in Maryland. He was very lucky but broke his femur and had to remain out of school for the year and learn to walk again.

I will never forget coming home from work and finding my son sitting on the edge of the circle in tears. His exact words were, “I never thought it would happen.”

My point is that we as parents have to ensure that our children know how important it is to wear protective gear. While we cannot be enforcers and be with them every second, we must press upon the seriousness of it. We all think our children know better—I did—but they need constant reminders. Had it not been for my son braking to put something in his pocket, he would have been the lead person out in the street that day.

Please pray for Xavier and all the other children in the world. As spring approaches, remember that safety comes first; whether the kids are roaming free throughout the neighborhood or in our own yards.



Mahoganydymond said...

I will send up a prayer for him and his family..

Str8 No Chaser said...

prayers definitely going up for everyone!

Anonymous said...

In thoughts.....May all be well....:)