Friday, April 2, 2010

You Are Loved and Appreciated

Please tune in to Zane’s Sex Chronicles tonight at 12:30 AM for Episode Five of the Second Season. Patience really ignites a fire underneath Hunter that you do not want to miss.

Also, through tomorrow night at midnight, you can enter “ZSC” as your coupon code on and save an additional 10% off your entire order. If you have not read Allison Hobbs, if you love my reads, you will be blown away by hers. She has more than a dozen titles and counting. Do not sleep on her.

The first season of Zane’s Sex Chronicles is also available on, along with all of the other writers that I publish. Please give them a chance because they are all phenomenal. If you would like for me to personally sign any titles, please put that request in the Comments section on the order form. I would be delighted.

Thanks for all of the love for Total Eclipse of the Heart. It was one of my favorite books to write and it was the most touching for me to experience.

If no one has told you that you are loved and appreciated today, I love and appreciate you.



Anonymous said...

Dear Zane,
I've been watching all your shows thats been on and it showed me that I could be sexual around men. I'm jus having a real hard time trying to walk up to a man and give him the time to know about me and I can't even hold a convo, I need some edvise so please help me.


Blogger said...

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