Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Air Dates for Zane's Sex Chronicles

Here are the airdates for the episode that premiered last Friday, in case you missed it, and the next three episodes. Please let everyone know. Thanks, Zane

Episode 17: Physical Therapy
April 2nd, 12:30am – EPISODE PREMIERE
April 4th, 3:00am
April 6th, 11:50pm
April 7th, 1:20am
April 10th, 12:10am
April 11th, 12:20am

Episode 18: Blind Date
April 9th, 11:35pm – EPISODE PREMIERE
April 11th, 12:50am
April 13th, 11:45pm
April 14th, 1:45am
April 17th, 1:10am

Episode 19: On the Prowl
April 16th, 11:50pm – EPISODE PREMIERE
April 18th, 3:10am
April 20th, 12:05am
April 21st, 3:00am
April 24th, 12:00am

Episode 20: The Stakeout
April 23rd, 11:50pm – EPISODE PREMIERE
April 25th, 3:00am
April 27th, 12:15am
April 28th, 1:30am
May 1st, 11:45pm
May 2nd, 12:40am


Anonymous said...

Hello Zane,

I love your show and the music featured in each episode. One song i would love to know the artists and the title of the songs used in the Blind date episode.

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me where I can get that slow song which was played at the end credits of episode 20 The Stakeout it was great!!

Shamika said...

I love your show and books. I would like to know the artist and song title to the song played in "The Workout" episode. It's a slow jam song about creepin.