Monday, May 24, 2010

A Wife Scorned: An Advice Question

Dear Zane,

I have been married for four years. Over the course of the past three, he has been flirting with other women on the computer and over the phone. He went out of town earlier this year and since the phone is in my name, I have full access to the call logs. Even though he realizes that, when I checked his photo files, there was a picture of what appeared to be his face buried in this bitch’s pussy. He denied it and went through a crying spell. I tried to confront the girl but she wouldn’t respond. We are still together and I don’t know why. There is some love there but he irks the shit out of me. I don’t even want him to touch me, let alone sex me, but I don’t know if I should try and make it work. Maybe you can give me some advice. Please help.

Wife Scorned

Dear Wife Scorned,

Even though your husband’s behavior is sad, what is truly sad is your confusion over what you should do about it. That level of disrespect can only lead to a continuance of the same, or worse. If seeing a photo of his face in another chick’s snatch is not enough to make you realize that he is not worth your time, I am not sure what would be. The fact that he has spent three-fourths of your marriage flirting with other women on the Internet and talking to them on the phone means that he is married but still looking. He clearly does not feel that you complete what he perceives to be his total package. You cannot make something work unless both parties are going to put forth the effort. So what if he cried? That’s what most men do when they get busted. They cry, beg for forgiveness, promise to never do it again, whip out their dicks to soothe things over, and then go right back to their doggish ways as soon as the opportunity presents itself; sometimes even the same day.

He may have denied it but you know it was him. Why would a man have a photo of another man performing oral sex on a woman in his phone? Besides, you can recognize your own husband; even if it is only the back of his head. You have two options: you can accept that your husband is going to cheat on you regardless of your feelings, or you can put a stop to the ridiculous situation. He is not going to do anything because since you have apparently accepted that nonsense, he thinks that he has it made. Unfortunately way too many women do put up with blatant disrespect and that’s why men continue to do it.



Katlynne LaSalle said...

Oh Snap! Zane, I love you for keepin' it real on this one. I should have visited your blog long ago and gotten your advice on my situation. In my case, my husband's affair wasn't as obvious as "Wife" here. As you know, I dealt with my pain by writing a book called "Her Husband Made Her Do Him." It's selling well on along with your novel "Total Eclipse." Waiting to hear from you regarding signing me on with your hot publishing house for my next novel, "Sweet, Sticky Thing." Much love! Katlynne LaSalle aka Ms. Downlow

Aniley Perez said...

If you only knew! I can reread your books any day... I am 19 now, and when I started reading your books I was 13. I have always been sexual, at least in my mind for the most part. Never liked porn either. Reading your books, and other urban books as well creates such a vivid picture in my head that it becomes difficult to put the book down. I am very free with myself to explore my sexuality. I love to have sex. I believe the freak side of me has much to do with the glow I have. Of course everyone has scorned days. For the most part, I give off a positive vibe, I feel like a positive person to myself, and who ever I deal with. Sex affects mood, after one has sex, the feeling is relaxed, happy, and very pleasured. Of course I am talking about satisfying sex with someone you are infatuated to physically, sexually, and mentally as well. A lot of people out there have not so hot sex, some don't do it at all. I feel sorry for women of other cultures that cannot be themselves for whatever laws and morals they are surrounded by. Atleast for me....Cumming is the best feeling ever, keep in mind that the pleasure of cumming is completely natural. There is nothing I would rather do in this world other than make love.