Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Female Condom Hater: An Advice Question

Dear Zane,

Everyone has a freaky side but society makes it seems like it shouldn’t be that way. Your books make us open up. I have been having sex since the age of fifteen and I am now twenty. I can recall some of the times when the sex was good but my experiences have been more on the negative side. I have had sex raw a couple of times and it feels better than using a condom. The dude that I’m messing with will not have sex without a condom. The last time we had sex, I had to bring some lubricant. I can never stay wet when he has a condom on. Foreplay makes me soaking wet but as soon as he puts the condom on, I dry up quickly. Why is that? Another thing is that he has a big dick and the condom makes sex more difficult. I can’t even fuck him long enough for him to bust a nut in me. I have to give him a blowjob for him to come.

A Condom Hater

Dear Condom Hater,

People never cease to amaze me. They insist on using condoms during intercourse but leave them out of the equation during oral sex. Diseases can run rampant more in the mouth than anywhere else. It is admirable that the young man you are dealing with insists on using condoms but he is not truly protecting himself if you are sucking his dick. As for the dryness, I would suggest using various types of condoms until you find the right one that has enough lubricant to do the job. It could be that you are so hell bent on having sex raw that you have a mental block that defiantly ignites as soon as you see a condom whipped out. If this dryness persists, consult your OB/GYN. But the first thing you need to do is discuss his purpose in using condoms. It is only because he does not want to get you pregnant or is it to prevent STDs? Again, if you are humming on the mic, you are not preventing a damn thing.



angel said...

I like this i use to have to same problem until i went to Mr Binky and went got this stuff that make you close to climaxingas soon as you put it on your pussy lips.

Angie said...

i have the SAME thing is that i dont feel anything at all and i get dry when we are going for a while. it really makes me mad that i cant get my big O and left feeling unsatisfied while he is feeling great!...

Gina said...

I am the same way. My boyfriend has a big dick, however, sometimes he''ll use a condom and sometimes he won't. When he doesn't use the condom its is off the chain, but when he puts the condom on i tend to dry up and be like damn it....what to do?

Kuriko Rei said...

I've actually had this problem with just about every guy I've been sexually involved with. First of all, you should probably check the type of condoms your boyfriend is using. Those with spermicide can create a lot of irritation and vaginal tearing for the lady and ultimately leaves you more susceptible to contracting STDs. Secondly, it is possible that you might be allergic to latex. I found out that I was, and that a latex allergy is more common than you may think. A friend of mine put me on to a type of non-latex condom that is actually synthetically the same as a latex condom. The condoms I'm referring to are made out of polyisoprene and have been proven to protect you from pregnancy and STD transmission. Plus these condoms, I think, are super lubricated and the material is actually thinner than latex, making it feel like your man has nothing on! I swear by these things! One more thing...these polyisoprene condoms are way cheaper than latex condoms. I found a 40pk of SKYN condoms for $15 at Walmart. If I had bought Trojans, I would have likely gotten 12 condoms for the same price. Hope this helps!