Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sexing the Wrong Man

Dear Zane,

I have been sexing my godmother’s best friend that she’s in love with. She has no clue. The sex is great and he brings out all of the freak in me. He’s the best man that I’ve ever fucked…period. His head game is also the best. We were giving each other head before we fucked. He makes me feel so comfortable with myself. We can text and talk for hours. He has had sex with her a number of times but lately, he says he’s only been fucking me. I want him all to myself but I know that’s not possible. Should I leave him alone totally or continue as we are?

Sexing the Wrong Man

Dear Sexing the Wrong Man,

You are definitely not going to like my response. Hell yes, you should leave his nasty ass alone. What would make you want to suck on or spread your legs for a man who is doing the same thing to your godmother? You should find the mere thought of that repulsive but it is obvious that he has penis-whipped you into a mental lapse.

Your godmother is much more important in your life than this man who has no self-respect and, thus, certainly has no respect for you, or her. There are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too many men in this world for you to share one PERIOD, rather less with someone who regards you highly enough to agree to be your godmother.

Ironically, you mention not a single word of having any feelings for him. Only that he has a serious head game and brings out the freak in you. This “sexing” might last for a hot minute, he might teach you a few tricks, but in the end, you will be left feeling like a trick. Regardless of what he says to you, you are nothing but a piece of meat to him. How could you be anything more?

You need to stop talking this fool’s calls, text messages, emails, or any other form of communication. Times are hard but they are not that damn hard. You need to leave him alone and you also need to work on self-love because it is ridiculous for you to even entertain sleeping with him, rather less actually doing it. As to whether or not you should tell your godmother, that it tricky. If you tell her, she will definitely be hurt because she has trusted both of you. If you don’t tell her, you are leaving her in the arms of a predator and she will ultimately be hurt anyway. I guarantee you that he is bullshitting you about not sleeping with her anymore. He is still sleeping with her and probably a few other chicks that you don’t know about. You can do better. Great sex is cool but not at such a high expense.



Naija said...

Zane, excellent advice and I co-sign all the way. It's a shame that people often allow good dick to cause a mental lapse. You hit it on the head though. How can one phantom sucking/fucking the dick of a man that's sleeping with their godmother. One way or another the godmother will find out what's going on. If it ain't one thing it's another.

Anonymous said...

a godmother aint real, thats like a play cousin. God mama not blood. more like close friend of family. I would have sex with my Godmother any day,lol. What she doing though is trife though and karma will catch up with her if the lies dont first. My 2 cents

kristie marie said...

i agree with both of you. karma is a bitch but god ma is gonna find out one day because everything in the dark comes to the light

Anonymous said...

wow zane that was great advice

Anonymous said...

I agree with the advice Zane has given as far as tellmeasecret part of what you said is true but I don't think a god mother could be writen of as someone so unimportant I have a beautiful god daugther whom I love like my own daugther and I'd be highly upset, hurt, and betrayed if when she was older had done something so wrong to me...I just guess this woman who's writing is young and has the let haromones take over her mind and she ended up doing the wrong thing all she can do now is fix what's going now, stop what's she doing and confess although the god mother will be hurt it'll be best she hears from her and move on to the future.

DVenomuzJ said...

Amazing....the guy is a dog and deviant but the woman her is in the clear? Isn't that HER godmother? She WANTS the guy to herself...(greed/selfishness)...both are wrong and true she should leave the guy alone but what's with the name calling? She should own up to it and tell her godmother or just let fate do its job....

Anonymous said...

Because her godmother loves him. It takes two to tango but yes he os a dirty dog to do that shiit. And of vourse hes lyin, like zane said hes probb fuckin her, godmom, candy, ashley, teresa, gma susie, etc. Lol its gross and pathetic. Hows she think the head game and all that got so good? The whole town and THEIR godmoms taught him. Tf outta here

Anonymous said...

Amen aint no way in hell you need to be that way u sneaky an she should not trust you