Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Waiting to Get Busy: An Advice Question

Dear Zane I love your books. I have read a good amount of them and have been for almost six years now. I really enjoy all the advice that your books have and the great storylines. I admire your view on sex and how you allow your characters ( especially the women) to feel and be sexually free. Thanks for writing how I feel I guess…. But I am in a bit of trouble and could use some serious help. My man and I have just started dating so I don’t feel obligated to have sex with him. As much as my mind objects to the idea of being sexually involved so early, my body just speaks a totally different language when I’m around him. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out because ever since we started dating my sex drive has been crazy. I have to masturbate at least four times a day just to be sexually satisfied before I go to sleep. What should I do? I want to please my man and myself but I think it is way too early in the relationship to do so. If I was a man I’m sure I’d have blue balls by now. Also I need some advice on how to give good head because maybe if we please each other orally this problem may lessen or go away till we decide to have sex. What’s the best position and how can I really impress my man. It’s not my first time but I want my first time with HIM to be the best yet. Sincerely Loaded Chocolate Bomb MY RESPONSE: For the life of me, I cannot figure out why you young ladies believe that having oral sex is different than engaging in the sexual act. Both are intense forms of intimacy and you are not going to earn any extra brownie points by holding out on the goods if you are going to give him head. Just my opinion. As far as technique, I literally wrote the book on that one. Dear G Spot: Straight Talk about Love, Sex, and Relationships breaks every type of sex down in detail. You can also go to and check out all of their positions and sex tips. Good luck.

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