Monday, November 3, 2008

Addicted, The Movie

I have gotten nearly as many emails asking about Addicted, the movie as I have about the Cinemax show. So let me clear some things up. Yes, Addicted will still be a feature film or, like Zoe from the novel says, "There is not a dog in the entire state of Georgia!"

While we ran into a minor hiccup, the good part is that since the television show went into production, there has been a ton of interest from various Hollywood studios to get my work on the big screen. So there will not just be an Addicted but many other films. I will be sure to keep you posted and thanks for all the excitement about the book and turning it into a movie throughout the years.



Anonymous said...

first and foremost, zane you are amazing! this news about "addicted" is awesome...cant wait to see who will play jason!

sxyblkcutie0721 said...

Zane, I read your book by way of my bi curiousness - I was subscribed to an AOL chat with a woman claiming to have written your book ADDICTED in 2002 - but I went out and bought it and the rest is written..I related so much to your characters and a lot of the stuff you write is real world and unspoken..Thank you and Congrats on your recent accomplishments.

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